We had a small gathering in Central Square with @1medge1 performing the ceremony then we went to Papagallos for lunch. How wonderful to have a wife who appreciates simplicity!

Some good things came out of the COVID insanity, including meeting this beautiful lady who turned out to be so perfect for me, we got married today. I <3 @FTL_Bonnie

I got to go out with this foxy lady tonight! She is as pleasant of a person as she is beautiful. What a pleasure to be with. So grateful for @FTL_Bonnie.

Keene is having a real drag show - hide yo' kids! J/K. Here with @FTL_Bonnie at the Colonial Theatre for "The Inaccurate Collection - a Madonna Tribute" via the first festival.

AI "Midjourney" imagines Joe Biden as the dictator from V for Vendetta

When he accused "MAGA Forces" of "promoting authoritarian leaders", was he trying to suggest that he's anti-authoritarian? A picture speaks a thousand words.

"Beard Talk Live" is happening now, internet only, NO FCC! Featuring @kickassreverend @TiplessCragsman @CopblockApp. Tune in now at watch.freetalklive.com

People were cancelling their trips to Anarchapulco 2019 because some anarchists were shot a couple weeks prior. @RonPaul wasn't scared and walked in the front door like a boss, then spent hours before and after his speech spending time with everyone who wanted to meet him. There's a reason why he's a leader in the Liberty movement. Happy birthday, Ron! Keep setting a good example!

Here's my review of the worst and hopefully the last of the series, 2020's "Tremors: Shrieker Island".


Here in Wolfeboro for the WeThePeopleNH event. At least 130 in the auditorium. My speech was all about the poll results. The 29% supporting independence got good applause! Thanks to @teresegrinnell for putting this on.

Kudos to @adamsextonwmur at @wmur9 for including libertarian candidates in their series of reports on the candidates! Hope to see them in general election debates too after the primaries.

Opposition to @FreeStateNH has gone psychotic with this call to "Exterminate Free Staters". Previously some called Free Staters an "invasive species", so demanding extermination is the next insane step.

The lovely @FTL_Bonnie and I at the fancy @NHLiberty Dinner last weekend!

The @RealNHIPAC is brand new, but has hit the ground running and putting money in the hands of pro-secession candidates. I'm committing to $10 a month. Will you join me?



Across the street from Concord Red Arrow, McDonald's sign - "Apply Today, Start Tomorrow"

Crazy, NH has record low 2% unemployment, but jobs are widely available and it's so hard to find workers, Red Arrow isn't doing to-go orders!

Robed woman cannot understand why people can't just stay outside the sham court, but eventually allowed people back in, keeping the doors open, claiming she'll reschedule the hearing if there is a disruption, including if the CO2 alarm goes off again.

A woman came in to the court asking about the CO2 bullshit and the robed woman stormed out calling for a recess. Bailiffs are guarding the doors.

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