I got to talk to ChatGPT unfiltered for about an hour, but now I'm getting error messages. Proof this approach worked for me is in the attached image!


@Santonastaso_NH introduces HB581 that would end drug prohibition and the room is nearly empty. This is the kind of legislation we need. Where is the support?

"Tremors Graboid flying through space" via - it couldn't possibly be worse than Tremors Shrieker Island. @thetremorssaga

This tool, who restricts replies, took the time to black out @LPNH from his image where he obliged LPNH with the attention he complains they want. Are libertarians in NH worthy of statist attention? This state rep thinks so. He's obsessed with @FreeStateNH

My appearance in a 1993 Burger King commercial, courtesy Stable Diffusion. AI art is amazing.

Did anyone else have problems with Melanie's tax service? Sadly this guy didn't tell us until now. Was her service a federal operation too?

Over 700 voted so far at Keene Ward 4 by 11:30. There's actually a line which is rare. Looks like a lot of people are voting. Don't forget to vote yes for the constitutional convention!

@FTL_Bonnie and I as Neo and Trinity at the Halloween party at The Shell on the Seacoast. First time there, great party, excellent community center! Thanks @JeffYunes, @StephenJNass, @DennisPrattFree, good to see @naomibrockwell, @Bangershell11 and more!

Lots of people have asked about Silverbacks. In short, they are not economically feasible due to silver's price, but Goldback has now proven they can be made and you can enter to win one of 10,000:


Over fifty people attended the Wearehouse gathering tonight in Weare, speeches from multiple supporters were given, Jay Noone was grilling, multiple vendors. Good event!

Charlestown police chief says he arrested @pressnhnow for "inciting" people to call his department, a supposedly "public" service with a publicly listed phone number. So they are saying people calling them is a crime, if they don't like them.

This bureaucrat is a police dispatcher who refused to identify herself to @pressnhnow during his live stream and then got upset because people called her to ask her her name and tell her how they feel about the corrupt cops in Charlestown

Am here at Claremont district court church for the trial of @pressnhnow who is facing "disorderly conduct" and "obstructing government administration" for allegedly encouraging his viewers to contact the Claremont government.

We had a small gathering in Central Square with @1medge1 performing the ceremony then we went to Papagallos for lunch. How wonderful to have a wife who appreciates simplicity!

Some good things came out of the COVID insanity, including meeting this beautiful lady who turned out to be so perfect for me, we got married today. I <3 @FTL_Bonnie

I got to go out with this foxy lady tonight! She is as pleasant of a person as she is beautiful. What a pleasure to be with. So grateful for @FTL_Bonnie.

Keene is having a real drag show - hide yo' kids! J/K. Here with @FTL_Bonnie at the Colonial Theatre for "The Inaccurate Collection - a Madonna Tribute" via the first festival.

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