Joa from Breaking the Flaw is paying a $180 fine at court. His request for jail, community service, or paying to a local charity were all denied by the robed man. If he refused to pay, they would suspend his license. The clerk is not happy.

This didn't post earlier: Newfields cop O'Brien admits a state trooper refused to identify himself. Hynes asks her to define picketing and the judge protects her from answering. Hynes says if cops can't define it, how could a normal person?

State Police Sgt Cooper says the storm troopers were responding to a planned candlelight vigil. When asked how many officers were there, he says over a dozen, but it was closer to two dozen.

Trooper Dodds got owned by defense attorney Dan Hynes regarding the definition of "picketing", which he interprets as walking back and forth in front of a residence with a political purpose.

Sununu's neighbor / tool Cindy Feenstra is on the stand at the "disorderly conduct" trial of Skylar "Savage Truth 603" Bennett this morning at the district court in Brentwood. She claims she was concerned that the peaceful protestors might have weapons. Does she know she lives in New Hampshire?

This may be why I rarely get any response to my posts on Twitter despite having 2K followers. I'm shadowbanned, according to Just another reason to follow me on Mastodon.

There was also a training officer involved in the arrest but the state didn't call him, so Joa did. His name is Andrew Skahan, a deputy sheriff.

Amazing gourmet brick oven pizza from Little Zoe's in Keene where you can pay with @NHGoldback or crypto! I paid with 13 Goldbacks for this pie, the Maine Root Ginger Brew, and 8oz of their Angry Sauce. 😎

4/20 in Keene's Central Square, plus three more who didn't want to be photographed, and four others who already left. Photo from @mr_penguin

UST has surpassed BUSD for the 3rd largest stablecoin by market cap! BUSD is run by the world's largest centralized exchange. UST is decentralized and algorithmic. Looking forward to it taking down USDC and USDT. Dollars suck, but UST appears untouchable by the evil state.

My friend Nobody took a plea today in the case. They got him for contempt of the banks.

Standing room only at district court in Concord for the New Hampshire Nine arrests at the Executive Council meeting last fall.

@ft_loose let the court goons in Brentwood have it verbally today at the sentencing for "disorderly conduct". Video coming later at Free Keene on Odysee.

People who know nothing about Florida: "It's a free state!"
People who have lived in Florida: "I'm moving to NH."

I attended a pro-peace event today in Concord this morning. Talked to people about and multiple people signed the petition at

Great meeting today with supporters, lots of good ideas for next steps. You can join us via the Community menu at the top of

All but three Democrats are wearing masks here on the reps' first day back in the state house. Note the plexiglass shields in the last six rows of the center, dividing the Rs and Ds.

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