Doing some studio rewiring today. Simplifying the setup and eliminating a possible point of failure. Onward and upward!

Over a decade ago the critics of Keene activism thought they could do politics without creating haters. Reality check: Being a threat to the status quo means you will be targeted. Glad to see @FreeStateNH understands and embraces this truth. Check out this Letter to the Conway Sun by a frustrated statist, as shared by the FSP:

@bonnie and I traveled to the largest arcade in the world, Funspot! There are a bunch of freedom people here today and Funspot's policy is to never bothers free faces. It's a great place and always worth the drive.

I'm flying, but for the best reason - to go move @bonnie out of Texas. Can't just obey this stupid mask shit. Had nose out the whole first flight and looked like this. No one said a word to me and I could at least breathe. About to take off for the final leg of the travel, then driving back to the Shire.

If I have set up IFTTT correctly, this post should go to both Twitter and Telegram.

Love this activism. It's easy to duplicate. Instructions and graphics for labels are here:

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