Tune in to Freer Talk Live for the Reaper Challenge where Aria and Conan will torture themselves with the hottest pepper in the world! Watch it commercial-free at video.freetalklive.com tonight at 10:30pm Eastern!

Libertarians do not get attacked outside of NH because they are not a threat anywhere else. Here we are being attacked because we're winning. twitter.com/PlyAreaDems/status

This month marks one year since I met my lovely lady Bonnie and it has been a wonderful time together. She's just perfect for me. Thanks, universe!

Breaking: 84-year old thug lives ten years longer than average man due to COVID... Or was he injecting the blood of children? I've heard that's a thing with elites.

Just added several new signatures I collected in real life to the petition. Let's go! You can sign here, preferably NH people, but technically open to anyone.


@redholder lol imagine staying in Massachusetts because someone said a thing on social media you didn't like. Talk about thin skin!

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that read, "Welcome to New Hampshire, now don't MASS it up!" Lol

Liberty people love conventions and camping festivals. It feels great to be around other like-minded people, until the event ends. Imagine being with your people all year long and the freedom advancements that synergy would make happen. That is life in @freestatenh

Twitter's link shortener killed my last post. Here's some more links to our interview with @adamkokesh tonight about @homefrontbb
or watch on Odysee:

@adamkokesh joined us on @freetalklive tonight to discuss his new "Homefront Battle Buddies" project - you can listen to the interview here:


It cost nine arrests, but New Hampshire is the only state to REJECT millions of federal tax dollars to pimp COVID vaccines! Kudos to those there this morning! @freestatenh @DefiantTillIDie


advocates @AluAxelman and state rep Mike Sylvia were recently interviewed by @DrKarlynB and @YesCalifornia respectively - you can watch them here:


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