@bustarhymes is speaking against the mask madness AND he's getting into crypto. Watch it while you can - Twitter already suspended one of the accounts who posted it. twitter.com/VanessaBeeley/stat

Good latte from Fresh House, and yes I paid in Dash. The decentralized digital money revolution is here, today.

Doing some studio rewiring today. Simplifying the setup and eliminating a possible point of failure. Onward and upward!

We've got a record 70 viewers on our live topless "She Talk Live" only on Odysee! Can we hit 100? Tune in here odysee.com/@FreeTalkLive:d/liv and be sure to follow the FTL Odysee channel at video.freetalklive.com

Great fest! The government goons are trying as hard as they may to keep Ian Freeman and Mr Nobody caged, even having gone so far as to stop Ian from maintaining court ordered employment, doing Free Talk Live at the Porcupine Freedom Festival and Forkfest, aranged prior to the FBI raid, but that doesn't stop a determined community. As Ian's probation officer (?pre-conviction?) refused to allow Ian to attend these events we brought the events to him.

40+ Forkfesters came over to my house as a surprise party for me yesterday with karaoke and Jay Noone and Matt Roach cooking - it was nice seeing everyone. Thanks to @bonnie and everyone who visited!

Pleasantly surprised at judge Laplante in the crypto six case. Despite indicating in advance he intended to continue Nobody's detention, he actually thoughtfully listened to the defense and genuinely seems to be reconsidering. I am happy to say there's a chance Nobody could be released on bail.

Starting today, all new Free Keene videos are now exclusively available only on Odysee (LBRY):


@odyseeteam @lbrycom @jeremykauffman

Over a decade ago the critics of Keene activism thought they could do politics without creating haters. Reality check: Being a threat to the status quo means you will be targeted. Glad to see @FreeStateNH understands and embraces this truth. Check out this Letter to the Conway Sun by a frustrated statist, as shared by the FSP:

@Br0nzeDrag0nfly Ross' case is over, sadly. He can only hope for a commutation or pardon or a higher court overturning one of the "crimes" he was charged with as unconstitutional, like happened to the Browns.

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