@fu I haven't had a falling out with him, but I'm prohibited from speaking with him under my federal bail conditions, sadly.

@fu no but Renee and I are still good friends. @bonnie is a year older than her and they are friends too.

The world's best multi-crypto wallet, @EdgeWallet now has @Thorchain integration! Whoa. If you don't know what Thorchain is and you support decentralization, you best start learning!


We had a small gathering in Central Square with @1medge1 performing the ceremony then we went to Papagallos for lunch. How wonderful to have a wife who appreciates simplicity!

Some good things came out of the COVID insanity, including meeting this beautiful lady who turned out to be so perfect for me, we got married today. I <3 @FTL_Bonnie

Beard Talk Live is on-the-air now at watch.freetalklive.com featuring @KickassReverend, @TiplessCragsman, @Nobody4Governor, and @NHpilled!

Polled the room before my speech, nearly all 140+ support NH being an independent nation! Only one guy raised his hand when I asked who wants to stay with the federal government!

After twitch banned the first channel, there is now another 24/7 stream of a burning gas stove in Russia to troll the Europeans. Lol!

I got to go out with this foxy lady tonight! She is as pleasant of a person as she is beautiful. What a pleasure to be with. So grateful for @FTL_Bonnie.

Keene is having a real drag show - hide yo' kids! J/K. Here with @FTL_Bonnie at the Colonial Theatre for "The Inaccurate Collection - a Madonna Tribute" via the first festival.

I agree with @JeremyKauffman - freedom loving people from around the planet should migrate to NH. Here's his new, funny ad on the subject: "STOP MASS. IMMIGRATION":


It's been one decade since the theatrical premiere of Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree! It's the first documentary made by @FreeStateNH movers. You can watch it free at victimlesscrimespree.com

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