We're now streaming on an international streaming site, Nimo.TV and somehow we already have more viewers than we get on Twitch after more than two years of streaming. Is this for real?


We've upgraded the video quality for Twitch as of tonight! And also added streaming at Trovo. You can watch at trovo.lrn.fm

Shire Society is now running a Manyverse Pub Server. Manyverse is a fully decentralized social network, but it's very much in beta. Details:


The White Rose Society video has been BANNED from YouTube, but it's still up on the uncensorable LBRY protocol and their Odysee platform:


Thanks to @OdyseeTeam @LBRYcom on Twitter

A batshit insane state rep unironically wearing a plague doctor mask at their ridiculous session in a sports stadium this week.


I'm jumping on the laser-eyes-till-Bitcoin-$100K bandwagon thanks to @bonnie on our Mastodon at social.freetalklive.com

@mr_penguin did one on the AMP list a week or so back. Did another one to my radio industry list today.

Decentralize mission accomplished. I've migrated my AMPlifiers google group and my FTL Industry and Free Keene News mailchimps to the open source, self-hosted Mailtrain. @mr_penguin

@russellkanning well, "orders" from the "governor" aren't supposed to be "law", but that doesn't seem to matter.

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