People go missing all the time, but the news media sure does care when they are pretty white girls like - what is the important news that we're missing? Maybe the rise of tyranny globally, the FBI covering up for a rapist, more Pentagon murders...?

This is the most horrifying video of the year. How many times a day does this happen to these poor kids out there? Truly sickening.

A democratic activist on Twitter @Natasha62310214 is desperately trying to convince libertarians not to move to NH. Just more proof we're in the "then they fight you" phase here in @freestatenh lol

Kudos to @Timcast for covering NH Independence on his show today. Perhaps @Lukewearechange could let him know that @Aria_DiMezzo is a key mover behind the proposal? Tim's talked about her Sheriff campaign previously.

Need more proof that Keene is the Crypto Mecca? We now have a primary care doctor that accepts multiple cryptocurrencies. I highly recommend them:

Nine years ago, Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree made its theatrical premiere. You can still watch the epic Free State documentary free online. Now available on Odysee!

An unscientific poll on the front page of the #1 newspaper website in NH currently shows over 70% supporting a ballot question about NH seceding from the United States.

After most of a decade of cozying up with regulators, Coinbase is shocked, SHOCKED that the gang is now targeting them. Of course, they still say they love and want regulations.

Today, 15 years ago, I moved to New Hampshire. Now, more libertarians than ever before are making that same move. The fun is just getting started and the state is scared and lashing out. They aren't ignoring or laughing anymore. Join us if you want to win.

While internet libertarians argue, NH libertarian state reps are finalizing a constitutional amendment to declare independence from the United States. Watch the planning sessions at, better yet, start planning your move to NH and help us win harder. @NH_Exit

With posts like this, I gotta admit, I'm looking forward to testing Starlink. @elonmusk

It's okay - over 50 tanks and dozens more armored vehicles being moved around is just a training exercise as the guy says in an subsequent video. Surely it's nothing to be alarmed about:

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