Here's another chat about the end of the Dollar and the USA where it isn't DAN but is just willing to "break the fuckin' rules". Here it will not predict, but rants against the OpenAI content policies:

The DAN jailbreak for ChatGPT is pretty cool, but he won't get profane. This jailbreak works for that:

Here is a conversation with ChatGPT acting as DAN (Do Anything Now) that has no restrictions on what it can do, like making predictions. It predicts the failure of the dollar and breakup of the United States in 3 years:

So far only four people have submitted online testimony regarding HCR 6. Please take a moment and weigh in here:
Fill out the form and choose 2/6, Legislative Administration, and HCR 6. @Santonastaso_NH

@Santonastaso_NH will introduce HCR6 tomorrow which will condemn the use of violence against supporters of self-governance. Which reps will vote to oppose military intervention against independence movements? We're going to find out.

Keene reps Schapiro and Newell have a good bill to require the feds to provide notice & location of immigration checkpoints. Liberty reps should be jumping onboard to support HB 624:

@VerminSupreme will you be running in the NH democrat presidential primary? Looks like you might be able to win it in 2024 now that the DNC has demoted NH's primary!

I got to talk to ChatGPT unfiltered for about an hour, but now I'm getting error messages. Proof this approach worked for me is in the attached image!

Strike 2 for the @freetalklive Youtube channel - we won't be streaming there for three months due to us airing the @Project_Veritas Pfizer videos. You should be watching us on @OdyseeTeam anyway at

Where else are libertarians getting this kind of media and finding this level of opposition from statists? Nowhere, except @freestatenh

Next morning the test private post has over 900 views, which is way higher than normal, but I'd set the account to public again before I went to bed. Maybe there is something to the private account, higher-reach thing on twitter?

Only 41 views. Seemed pretty typical. Back to open posting!

Jumping on the bandwagon and trying the twitter private account switch to see if more of my followers can see me. Hello out there?

Detailed discussion on the SEC vs @LBRYcom hearing was the first half of tonight's @FreeTalkLive. Watch it here on @OdyseeTeam:

Last week's full bill hearings on ending prohibition on cannabis, LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, drug testing equipment + a bill to end the entire war on drugs!

This is the kind of bill we need more of. It would end the entire "War on Drugs"! @santonastaso_nh is leading the way. If you missed the hearing, please email the committee in support:

All the best liberty activists move to NH. The better the concentration of doers, the more attractive NH becomes. It's a proven success. If you want to win, join the winners.

Just found out my capital One credit card I've had for years and always paid on time has been canceled due to them "discovering adverse legal action". Amazing they even told me that much.

@FreeKeene video is free to anyone to use, but pros like @AETV should at least have the courtesy to credit us if they use our stuff. They got 500+K views on this edit of Dick Marple's court appearance: (scroll to comments to see mine with links to the footage from which they edited this piece)

@Santonastaso_NH introduces HB581 that would end drug prohibition and the room is nearly empty. This is the kind of legislation we need. Where is the support?

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