I regret the circumstances that prompted it, but it has been such a pleasure seeing @bonnie step out of Ian’s shadow and come into her own, finding her own voice and becoming a great co-host on FTL. Don’t take David from NM seriously when he mimics your voice, Bonnie.
I feel sure that beneath that dulcet vocal tone lies the spirit of a bear!

Huh, more infighting within @LPNH? I'm shocked, SHOCKED. Good luck to those principled few who bother to try to keep the LP held to its principles. It's a thankless, endless task.

Tune into Freedom Decrypted now and find out the story behind El Salvador Adopting Bitcoin as its official currency and what the IMF is fighting mad. freedomdecrypted.com/

It was nice to launch Tootle and see @FTL_Ian and @aria back in my local feed this morning.

One thing I liked about being in jail was not having to deal with emails. I'm still digging out. Had about 450 in the google "promotions" tab alone waiting for me when I got out.

If I reply to @ratspeed's reply to Aria's post, is that a violation of the "no contact" order?

Please send positive vibrations and love to the US attorneys in the Crypto Six case - anger will not help them see the light. They are John Kennedy, Seth Aframe, and Georgiana MacDonald.

Is it a violation of the no contact rules to press "favorite" on Aria's posts? What about tagging her?

I see we were hit by a bunch of spam accounts while I was in the clink. I have now removed dozens of spammers and will confer with @bonnie and @captainkickass to help keep this place clean. If you see spam, please report it.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to listen to and share Free Talk Live after we were raided on March 16th. I am out on very restrictive bail conditions, but now have permission to use social.freetalklive.com and Twitter, but not yet Telegram.

We're now streaming on an international streaming site, Nimo.TV and somehow we already have more viewers than we get on Twitch after more than two years of streaming. Is this for real?


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