Libertarians on Twitter: you are wasting your breath trying to change big tech. Spend your time building alternatives, or join one: led the way, launched to give you a choice. Mastodon does what Twitter does, but without the corporate overlords.

Oh look, another liberty cult "Free State", this time targeting some swamp in Florida. By the way, how's Paulville in Texas coming along? @FreeStateNH

Interesting list at shows where Bitcoin is on the list of world currencies, denominated in their total BTC value. Moving on up!

If we don't stand together, what's happened in Lithuania will be coming to where we are. Liberty activists get to NH before it's too late. now features tweets from @FreeStateNH - anyone got a copy of the torrent for the movie? Mine got stolen by the FBI. Currently there's one seed but not getting anything from it...

I've never understood why people think Bitcoin's "Lightning" network is a good thing. It's always been a confusing mess. Here in Crypto Mecca, virtually no one cares about it.

Texas - treating legal adults like children. Not a free place.

NH is for Libertarians, TX is for right wing conservatives, CA is for liberals. Move to the place that's right for you!

Footloose @defianttillidie has been arrested for "breach of bail" at the trial for two of the Newfields Nine. Arresting officers refused to say why, taking him to Rockingham county jail.

Who will win, Regulated Finance or Dark Finance? RegFi vs DarkFi. Thanks to @Naomibrockwell for the heads up on this new term. About DarkFi:

Wow, I just noticed that @odyseeteam has transcoding. Nice job, guys.

How many in NH are loyalists to the empire and how many love independence? We might get to find out next year.

Congratulations on a new Bitcoin all time high. Onward to $100K!

Tune in to Freer Talk Live for the Reaper Challenge where Aria and Conan will torture themselves with the hottest pepper in the world! Watch it commercial-free at tonight at 10:30pm Eastern!

Libertarians do not get attacked outside of NH because they are not a threat anywhere else. Here we are being attacked because we're winning.

This month marks one year since I met my lovely lady Bonnie and it has been a wonderful time together. She's just perfect for me. Thanks, universe!

Breaking: 84-year old thug lives ten years longer than average man due to COVID... Or was he injecting the blood of children? I've heard that's a thing with elites.

Just added several new signatures I collected in real life to the petition. Let's go! You can sign here, preferably NH people, but technically open to anyone.

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that read, "Welcome to New Hampshire, now don't MASS it up!" Lol

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