@aria We are doing an aftershow at 10:30pm Eastern at video.freetalklive.com

Virtually no one watches cable TV news. Look at these numbers from a time when more people were at home all day than ever. Cable news audiences continued to decline. Courtesy @HollandCooke Dec newsletter.

For those wishing to do something to protect yourself from twitter bans, here's how to link your Mastodon account to twitter via IFTTT:

Scientists today released an image from a microscope showing the new variant attacking white blood cells.

Bonnie is making salsa live on our video streams. You can watch at any of the links at video.lrn.fm or odysee.com/@FreeTalkLive:d/liv

Imagine subjecting your child to an experimental vaccine that won't even prevent them from catching COVID, which wouldn't kill them even if they did catch it. This is sad, and completely preventable:


They guy on the left is a democrat state rep in NH. You know you're winning when the statists start openly using the NAZI playbook. @ODonnell4NH photo credit

Turns out Rittenhouse is in state court, which explains why media is present. That said, the trial with Cantwell happening in Charlottesville at least has a phone feed and that is in fed court church.

Normally one can't even get an audio recorder through security at a federal court church. Now there is full video of the trial? Is this precedent? Can we have for ?

There really isn't much the loyalists to the Empire can say to defend it. Watch one get crushed by @AluAxelman in this full length debate from the SHELL on the Seacoast:


Someone called @freetalklive tonight about NFTs. I just don't get it. Collecting things in real life is a waste of space and digital collectibles seem even more pointless.

Right wingers are advocating "vote with your feet" and some of them are talking positively about secession. Some of course want to take the power back and then use force to "unite" people - so they aren't all there yet. Still, good clip.


NH dems just gave a 90-minute endorsement of why @FreeStateNH is a success. Article and their full video at the link, vid thanks to @DrKarlynB:


@alu @aluaxelman

Good interview of @jeremykauffman on Freeman Beyond the Wall with @mrprblowme about @freestatenh:


No hostility, just good questions and answers.

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