Huge news, the @FreeStateNH list of 101 reasons libertarians should move to NH has been COMPLETELY UPDATED! Grab the free PDF (or Kindle/paperback) here:

It took about a month for their next weekly episode to come out, but the AI podcast is back. This time it's a dead physicist Richard Feynman being interviewed by living AI researcher Lex Fridman. Both roles are AI.

You never know where COVID will be lurking. Better spray all of nature with some horrid chemical just to be safe.

Sorry to say, my trial will be the first to happen in NH Fed court nearly two years. That's how many people take the plea deal. No victim, no crime. Jury selection Dec 6th.

In case you missed it, 100% of the pro-independence state reps on the NH general election ballot were RE-ELECTED!

Two weeks until the trial begins with jury selection at Federal Court Church in Concord, 12/6. I'm defending against the FBI and IRS as they try to destroy my life over victimless "crimes" involving selling bitcoin without a government permit.

Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Thanks to everyone who is supporting this independent documentary on the .

Kim is right. Politicians like the presidents actually have children killed and regularly use them for political gain, yet politicians are allowed on Twitter.

Trump could bridge his Mastodon (Truthsocial) RSS to his Twitter, like via IFTTT. Post to Mastodon and it syndicates to Twitter. IFTTT can drop in a link to the Mastodon post. Instructions for anyone that wants to try this:

It's always great to see NH natives come back to the Shire thanks to @FreeStateNH. Glad to have Reed helping move liberty forward and get the word out about how liberty is winning here.

Detailed article from Mr Penguin covering this week's motion hearing in the case. We disqualified the FBI's blockchain "expert" as an expert. Chainalysis not admissible as evidence. Will the crypto news industry cover this?

The Ballad of the Crypto Six fundraiser is getting close to its goal thanks to crypto donations. Can you help the independent filmmakers make this happen?

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