Here's my review of the worst and hopefully the last of the series, 2020's "Tremors: Shrieker Island".

I'm proud to have received the endorsement from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance in my run for NH Senate District 10! Primary vote is Sept 13th.

Imagine thinking the federal gang would ever get rid of one of its own goon squads. Secession is far more realistic of a way to move freedom forward.

Hilarious watching conservatives fantasize that Desantis would raise a finger against the FBI. Never gonna happen. The guy loves police.

I had the pleasure of speaking about NH Independence to over 130 people at the "We the People NH" event this weekend, thanks to @TereseGrinnell. Here's video:

Here in Wolfeboro for the WeThePeopleNH event. At least 130 in the auditorium. My speech was all about the poll results. The 29% supporting independence got good applause! Thanks to @teresegrinnell for putting this on.

Kudos to @adamsextonwmur at @wmur9 for including libertarian candidates in their series of reports on the candidates! Hope to see them in general election debates too after the primaries.

Opposition to @FreeStateNH has gone psychotic with this call to "Exterminate Free Staters". Previously some called Free Staters an "invasive species", so demanding extermination is the next insane step.

The lovely @FTL_Bonnie and I at the fancy @NHLiberty Dinner last weekend!

My friend Nobody has been sentenced to time served (nearly six months), two years' probation, they are keeping the gold and silver they stole, and fining him $2100, if I heard correctly.

The @RealNHIPAC is brand new, but has hit the ground running and putting money in the hands of pro-secession candidates. I'm committing to $10 a month. Will you join me?

"[Free Staters] have taken over the Republican majority in the New Hampshire legislature and achieved far more than anyone could have imagined in the past two years"

New hitpiece against @FreeStateNH from the state house bureau chief of InDepthNH:

"You guys are starting ahead of the starting line" - Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement regarding NH's secession poll results.

@TheTexianDM @FreeStateNH

Press release about the @NHindependence poll has been sent out! Here's hoping someone picks up the big news! Full poll data is linked in the article:

@NHDamien @FreeStateNH @LPNational @LPNH

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