Bonnie's first time petitioning! We gathered some signatures for @LPNH candidates @jeremykauffman and @drkarlynb thanks to @marketbasket.

Best part of the LP shitshow thus far is the guy from MO with the shirt on in the front row. Thanks!

Amazingly @LPNH actually had a fun convention this year with no controversy. I'd never seen anything like it. That will not be the case in Reno. My heart goes out to the poor bastards who volunteered for this THREE-DAY bureaucratic slog.

Feed's been down for a while now too.

The shitshow in Reno has begun. All LP conventions are a shitshow - endless arguing over technicalities in the hope of controlling a powerless entity. Now they are arguing over "credentials" and "quorum" for god knows how long. - live stream

Amazing to watch conservatives bewildered that their hero cops cowered for an hour while a lunatic was murdering children - they DO THAT EVERY TIME! They do not exist to protect you and have no obligation to do so. Don't believe me? Search for "no obligation to protect".

Is there going to be a live stream from the Reno shitshow?

Are they going to put up new signs with another digit to the left or just move the decimal point to the right?

Prediction: Even if the Mises Caucus takes over the national Libertarian Party, it will continue to fail. Meanwhile, @FreeStateNH will continue to succeed. Concentrating activists is a proven success and the best we can hope for the LP is a return to principled messaging. Maybe a pipeline to NH longterm, but return to principle may halt potential movers by giving false hope they can stay where they are because they falsely believe that a principled LP will somehow give them a chance for success.

TALKERS Magazine is giving me the coveted "Freedom of Speech Award"!! Here's what I would have said in my acceptance speech, were I allowed by my federal handlers to attend the convention in NYC:

Joa from Breaking the Flaw is paying a $180 fine at court. His request for jail, community service, or paying to a local charity were all denied by the robed man. If he refused to pay, they would suspend his license. The clerk is not happy.

Big news, YouTuber "Savage Truth 603" has been found NOT GUILTY on all charges from his illegal arrest outside @govchrissununu's house. Full trial video:

Twitter locked my account for 12 hours for linking to the manifesto of the insane Buffalo shooter. They don't want you to be able to make up your own mind. They cannot censor my Masotdon account, however. If you're not on Mastodon yet, what are you waiting for?

I had the pleasure of being on a panel about Central Bank Digital Currencies. You can see the full discussion here:

Thanks to @kameir for hosting!

In his 180-pg manifesto the racist Buffalo shooter expresses support for socialism and is against free markets and cryptocurrency:

I am appearing on a panel about CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) at 2:45pm Eastern! The event is already happening - there are multiple panels. Link is here, appears you may have to have linkedin though:

Thanks to @kameir for the invite.

@vivalabonbon is on fire today (she's @bonnie on FTL Social). She's as hardcore as she is foxy. <3

All 50 states allow recording in court. The feds do not per "Rule 53”. What do they have to hide? Cockroaches and criminals don't like sunshine.

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