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I'm new to trying to make friends so this will be more interesting to use. I hate & . Centralized apps & data collection are really bothering me. Hopefully the interface on gets a little better to see memes withoutclickingon them. *maybe my settings aren't right*

Thanks, looking forward to this experience.

I would her much like to see a full jpeg preview in my timeline.

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When this generation gets older, they will never trust the establishment. Seeing the banking system to pay to force rules that unnecessarily restricts the population, forcing them into medical treatment. One day, the man behind the curtain will be revealed to all.

Every time I visit Mexico, I lose weight. Tue food here has less chemicals & less sugars.

Working with the os. I like it so far. It is going to take getting used to not using a phone in a foreign country. Maps is running pretty well but I having had the opportunity to watching it adapt while taking wrong turns. It finds businesses & addresses moderately well.

I'll have to say goodbye to uber, YouTube & Spotify but I'm sure I'll adapt.

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