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I am the Pirate Tsomof. I can get you all cable channels for a very low price. If you're traveling & want to see TV from home or you love pay per view events. 4900+ channels. All you can eat livestreaming. NFL coming up tomorrow. Message me on Session & get to try it from your computer free for 36 hours.

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I'm new to trying to make friends so this will be more interesting to use. I hate & . Centralized apps & data collection are really bothering me. Hopefully the interface on gets a little better to see memes withoutclickingon them. *maybe my settings aren't right*

Thanks, looking forward to this experience.

NEW - FBI handed nearly $3.5 million of taxpayers' money to Twitter in order for the social media giant to continue to do its bidding.

I'm going to purge this account soon. I had border control separate me from my devices. I would like to say what I want privately without the government knowing my identity. Dammit!

Are there right wingers who oppose the same way that left wingers oppose ?

I stumbled upon over the weekend again, and it's pretty much the exact same thing as , except they focus on far right folks rather than far left folks.

While everyone was on lockdown I was on a beach in Central America.

Most annoying thing on the roads besides full or dirty toilets, truckers who continue to talk on Bluetooth headsets while taking a dump.

Super tired but I'm in position to get some work before Xmas.

With claiming that a made drone attacked on Russia soil & Russia military prepping silos while making public shelters, how close far off is nuclear war?

Are people still trying to give little kids mRNA vaccines? We are getting to the time to when everyone knows these vaccines are very dangerous. Look to Europe leading the way with the information.

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