Why capitalism is bad and socialism is good:

capitalism is when no sharing. socialism is when sharing.

Because you don't know history and are retarded?

@realcaseyrollins you might be over generalizing a little in this case. The real difference between capitalism and socialism, is that capitalism is when the government neglects you to find your own way, and socialism is when the government doesn't trust you to find your own way.

@adamosophy When it comes to the extreme/pure forms of both, certainly

The post was a bit of a parody btw; I'm mocking the socialists' talking points here

@bwk @fugger I love how angry my post makes people--and rightfully so--but it is a joke

@realcaseyrollins @bwk a lot of people unironically think like this they don't even know what communism is they are useful idiots that will likely be the first to be killed off

@fugger @bwk True...I was hoping my using of really basic terminology would be enough to get the joke across

@fugger @bwk @realcaseyrollins people think communism is when you do nothing but have everything you wish (go visit California and get assured)
@jsdenier @bwk @realcaseyrollins Don't need to get off your couch even it's current year so you can just go to and search "communism"

@jsdenier @fugger @bwk

> people think communism is when you do nothing but have everything you wish

That ain't communism that's hospice care

@realcaseyrollins @fugger I can't imagine getting mad enough to pull our meme numbers over such an innocuous post

@fu Imagine posting this to make an unironic point about anyone other than boomers lol

@realcaseyrollins It is almost as though one could be a boomer and not have been bitten between 1945-1965
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