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Why capitalism is bad and socialism is good:

capitalism is when no sharing. socialism is when sharing.

What's your preferred #citation style?

✌all answers are valid✌

>kicked out of art school

>Goes on to produce enduring living art products in pure evil empire with striking visual style

Incredible, close up view of #lava fountains, taken on November 29, 2022. #MaunaLoa #volcano #eruption (video public domain via USGS). #Hawaii #BigIsland

Malls' fatal flaw is making their stuff expensive IMHO

If they want to compete with the internet, they will need to compete on price

Nobody ever got suspended from Twitter for calling me a racist, uneducated, brother-marrying Tennessee redneck.

You can rip southerners all day long.

We're used to it.

People need to get a grip. "Hate speech" is BS.

I think I actually like the new transformers look.

And I didn't think it was possible. I have thought about it many times, and it always seemed to be such a horrible idea to make them more accurate to the source.

Alex found two dudes that make him look chillaxed!! Perfect radio!

Rejecting Holocaust denialism

Interesting since he's friends with and that's what he's on

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Says he basically told he can't talk about the Jews anymore if he comes back on

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