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Why capitalism is bad and socialism is good:

capitalism is when no sharing. socialism is when sharing.

I just remembered this weird campaign stop Marianne Williamson did in 2016 at a church where she lead a prayer chant apology about racism and a lady let out a blood curdling scream:

Dang people really are ready for right about now, I didn't think people would get this excited for it

I think the path to success for the #Fediverse necessitates a handful of polished, centralizes clients that utilize decentralized servers.

The mobile apps for #Matrix do a great job of this, as do all the mobile #Fediverse apps. is the first step in this direction, but #SoapboxFE is by no means the only polished frontend. I don’t prefer it but #Mastodon is also something that could benefit from this model.

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