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Why capitalism is bad and socialism is good:

capitalism is when no sharing. socialism is when sharing.

Biden vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have reversed a Labor Department rule that not only allows, but encourages those companies managing retirement accounts for others to consider "ESG" factors in their investing.

At the bottom line, it means those corporations no longer have the specific responsibility to manage others' money for their best interest.

Just found out about

How long will this one stay afloat? instances don't tend to last very long.

RT from Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider)

Please tell your children again and again,
“Safe Adults do not ask you to keep secrets!”
Please watch!

politicians during covid: :blobcatlord: well you see, the economy needs to suffer for the greater good even if it puts half the populace out of house and home

also politicians: :blobcatdefecit: the economy needs to be bailed out or rich people will suffer an inconvenience

i have to tell you, listening to podcasts via #HomePod (see attached pic) is like having podcasters in a room with you

it has better sound for spoken voice than Google Home and Amazon Echo devices that I also have...

Trump: NY AG Letitia James Is Biased And Unfair, Campaigned On Targeting Trump

Trump: NY AG Letitia James Is Biased And Unfair, Campaigned On Targeting Trump

:ameowbongo: 【注意】高速なアニメーションが含まれます 

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