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Why don't people drink warm or hot water? Is it a cultural thing?

I'm not one for petty -style sports arguments (at least participation, I'll watch those arguments any day), but I do think is better than .

@EU_Commission You are proposing the surveillance state and none of that BS is helping against child abuse. Go think again.

@EU_Commission y'know, I think there are better ways to combat child abuse than undermining the privacy and security of all communications


Posting from here rn because for some reason is down

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It's been fun here bois but it's time to go back to my main tomorrow

Lego plants are best plants, you don’t need to water them and they can’t die

The Thonkpad is garbage. :blobugh:
It will freeze after half an hour and when you grab it on the front left corner.

It is a common problem by this Generation of Thinkpads. There is the GPU in that corner and by holding it there hairline cracks will form in the soldering making it fail when they are moved (by holding it there) or when they warmed up...

Well... 21-Days-Money-Back-Guarantee.
:akkoshrug: So there is still hope for me to run Endeavour OS.

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