In the market for a new phone? For a while now we thought there was no way to offer a low end option for a new (as opposed to a problematic refurb) more privacy friendly phone. You see the best entry level phone on the market with support for LineageOS had a problem. After 3G was discontinued voice calls began getting routed over 4G, but for that to work the manufacturer and cell provider have to support it. In theory the Moto G7 plus has said support. However for the life of us we could not get it to work. The trick is downgrade to newer stock firmware, then flash LineageOS, but that alone doesn't actually work. The step people failed to understand was why this worked for a few people, but not most was that those it worked for booted LineageOS once without a SIM card inserted, then shut down and inserted the SIM and after booting it up it forced the phone to sync. Thus voice, SMS, and data all work. If you want a quality new inexpensive phone with LineageOS 20 email chris at thinkpenguin dot com and I can sell you one. Also got Pixel 6 phones with GrapheneOS.

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All the best liberty activists move to NH. The better the concentration of doers, the more attractive NH becomes. It's a proven success. If you want to win, join the winners.

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This is the kind of bill we need more of. It would end the entire "War on Drugs"! @santonastaso_nh is leading the way. If you missed the hearing, please email the committee in support:

It would appear that Louis Rossman has sent us some of his customers. You have heard of tech support horrors, right? Its time I introduce you to the penguin edition! We had a customer attempt a repair himself. It clearly didn't go to plan. We got the system in for repair afterward and as we pulled the PC out we realized the customer had put the packing material on the inside of the system! That is only half of it though. When we removed the packing material there was a 2nd motherboard and CPU inside. What went wrong for the customers attempted self-repair? He failed to get the ram seated fully.

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The fact you're looking at this on an ActivityPub-enabled Fediverse app demonstrates that a community of focused individuals can create a global-scale network around an open standard that rivals (or, frankly, beats) pretty much anything capitalism could create, even at its 'best'.

And these communities create without profit motive - just because they share a vision and think it'd be a good thing. All they require is sustainability, not exploitative profit.

I think that's worth celebrating.

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Good bill from @jdmmeuse HB470 removes prohibition on possessing drug testing equipment. Liberty reps should support. @Santonastaso_NH @JasonGerhardNH

Another great story from about our elected rep Jason Gearhard who wants to restore gun rights to ex-felons in NH. There was a good turnout for the hearing in support of it with lots of free staters and gun rights advocates supporting.

During testimony before the
Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee, Rep. Jason Gerhard, (R) Northfield, discloses he is still on probation for the federal sentence he served in connection with the Ed & Elaine Brown stand-off in Plainfield in 2007. For supporting tax resisters he served over a decade in a cage. This is who we have elected to represent us in New Hampshire. If you're not here your missing out on beginning of the establishment of the first liberty friendly freedom respecting state.

A New Episode Of Freedom Decrypted Has Been Posted: Government’s Mass Surveillance Program Revealed :: Supreme Court Asked To Reconsider Key Tenants Of Online Free Speech: Section 230 :: EU Threatens TikTok CEO Over Digital Services Act: Another Terrible EU Law :: Tech World Urges Supreme Court Not To Remove Immunity Over Algorithms :: US Airline Exposes Danger Of Online No Fly List :: Washing Post Looks At Jan 6th ‘Insurrection’ From Absurdly Biased Perspective :: Real ID Extended Yet Again: And The Case Against Drivers Licenses

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Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? Freedom is important to education. Read about freedom-respecting choices at

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Recent changes to #Twitter's developer agreement imply they may soon ban third-party clients from posting to the service. We value our freedom too much to run their nonfree software and our followers shouldn't be required to either. Find us at @fsf on #Mastodon

Today numerous Free Staters spoke out against the use of New Hampshire national guard in undeclared wars at a state house hearing proposal that would require a declaration of war for the US to call up the New Hampshire national guard.

Hey guys! This is my new account. I moved servers because we're shutting down my old one.

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