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You people are blessed, I am here, burdened with glorious purpose.

We're only 2 months away from Ian Freeman challenging the FBI in court to expose their abuse against the Crypto 6. Support him at the hearings and by backing the documentary from the victims side of the story.

Are people still talking about Trump?! God, they love that man.

Here is another great article about Free Private Cities. Go sign up for their social media at

In celebration of Porcupine Day, the Free State Project will have a party on the 6th. Tomorrow is the last day to move to NH for the FSP and best I can tell somewhere around 2000 people have. 10% of goal. My next best guess is that 50% of those people have left. 80% of people that have moved to Keene have left. So, I am trying to make my guess generous. These are all guesses because the FSP no longer actually gives useful numbers. They obfuscate with an "In State" number that includes around 3000 signers in NH that never had to move.

So, we have lies and failure. Tell me again how this is such a great idea?

NH is a great place to live, if you are going to live in the NE US. It is a great place to meet and hang out with cool libertarian peeps. It isn't at all likely to succeed in retro-fitting the State. For that, I am working on several projects. I don't regret my move and I don't begrudge the passion that many have for the project, but someone has to check facts and call out nonsense.

Regular social media really sucks these days.

What can we do to achieve the Network Effect for this group?

The long-time caller that had previously wished to have has identity protected, but is well known to us all passed away on Jan 18th. Sorry, that I couldn't get this info to you sooner.

Here's a chart from the CDC of weekly deaths of all causes since 2017. It looks like 2020 was much deadlier than other years.

I banished Ian from New Hampshire this morning. So, I should be running FTL until Sunday. As I am heading back down to FL on Monday.

It's a temporary banishment, a few days at most.

I think the production on this was pretty good and Titus, the Free Private Cities CEO, did a good job. Please take 10 minutes to watch it and tell me what you think. Thanks.

Never forget, for one brief moment on Jan. 6 2021, a minotaur was Speaker of the House. I declare henceforth Jan 6 to be Minotaur Day!

I'm mostly into 80's and 90's Christian Youth Group White People Rap but this is totally dope. We Be Sidehuggin!

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