To find out what surveillance tech has been deployed in other US cities, check out EFF's Atlas of Surveillance.

"Of course, the benefit can't go to everyone. The letter stated that it should be directed to "those who need it most and will spend it the quickest," and that should include, "All immigrant workers, refugees, and their families.""

Of course our replacements are the priority.

Section 230 is not a gift to Big Tech, nor is repealing it a panacea for the problems Big Tech is causing—to the contrary repealing it will only exacerbate those problems. The thing you hate is not 230. It’s lack of competition.

So-called "consent searches" by police of our phones invade our digital privacy, disparately burden people of color, undermine judicial supervision of police searches, and rest on a pure legal fiction.

"You Let Them Isolate You
Let Them Indoctrinate You
They Want to Vaccinate You
Or They'll Incarcerate You..."

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