The government has put another whistleblower in prison - tune in to the discussion on our live Odysee stream at - be sure to follow the FTL channel on Odysee!

We did a female topless FTL without being taken down! Thanks to @OdyseeTeam. Here's the archive: - please follow our Odysee channel!

Interestingly, Odysee doesn't allow pornography, but LBRY does. LBRY is the uncensorable, decentralized, blockchain-based, media protocol behind Odysee, which is a front-end competing with YouTube. Intelligent ladies discussing freedom while topless isn't pornography, so we don't expect Odysee to intervene and stop the live stream, which isn't yet decentralized like the LBRY-based permanent video storage behind Odysee.

We have an hour to go on the first-ever topless "She Talk Live", streaming UNCENSORED exclusively on Odysee! Thanks to @Odyseeteam for having a more free video platform. - over 80 people are watching now!

We now have a shortcut to go right to the live stream page on Odysee: - we just hit a record 80 viewers - can we get to 100 on this first-ever topless "She Talk Live"?

The FTL live Odysee feed may not be showing on the Odysee app. Please try this direct link:

"She Talk Live" - the first ever topless edition is available UNCENSORED on our Odysee stream at

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