Across the country, ALPRs capture scads of passing license plate numbers, along with the location, date, and time and photos of the vehicles. Sometimes they also snap a photo of the driver and passengers.

A Tennessee family is claiming that an Apple AirTag was used to track them during their time at Walt Disney World.

You can install AirGuard from F-Droid to detect any AirTags near you.

"AirTags and Tiles are products sold to help consumers find lost objects. But her experience confirms that these gadgets are also pretty good for tracking people and, being small and unobtrusive, are easy to plant on targets."

The safety argument seems weak in light of the various studies and increase in accident deaths, especially when the cameras are generating so much money for a city with massive pension debt and spending it can’t seem to control," writes Patrick Andriesen, a staff writer at the institute. "Speed cameras might be more accurately called cash cams."

Authorities in Virginia violated the Constitution when they used Google location data to find people who were near the scene of a 2019 bank robbery, a federal judge ruled last week.

On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, guest Maajid Nawaz revealed high-level plans underway to transition from vaccine passports to digital IDs that would offer powerful institutions access to and control over nearly every aspect of our lives.

American motorists are up in arms a couple of “nightmare” plan to introduce extra velocity cameras throughout the nation.

Federal Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg introduced the plan as a part of a new national strategy final week geared toward decreasing highway fatalities, saying the Biden administration’s aim was “zero deaths” from site visitors.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is being criticized roundly for his plan to expand the use of “safety” cameras on roads nationwide, as drivers have complained that the camera systems are inaccurate and prone to abuse by political cronies.

Buttigieg's strategy recommends pilot programs to study and promote greater use of speed cameras, which he says could provide more ‘equitable’ enforcement than police traffic stops, as the cameras will have no awareness of the race of the driver.

A pair of Florida lawmakers are getting serious about stopping speeders in school zones. A bill making its way through the legislature would allow cities and counties to install speed cameras outside of schools and ticket drivers caught breaking the posted school zone speed limit.

"Revenue into the town jumped from $431,637 in 2016 to $1,233,469 in 2020. That jump wasn’t from tax receipts. The only commercial taxes generated in Brookside are from a single Dollar General store. The town raked in $610,000 in fines and forfeitures (from seizures of cars in traffic stops). Not only is half its budget coming from fining travelers, the amount the police are bringing in is more than its entire revenue stream just five years ago."

Call your reps to urge opposition to the bus scameras.

"School buses could soon carry cameras to monitor motorists around them in an attempt to prevent people from passing buses when they are stopped."

"It’s a concept never done before, and it’s about to happen in Bexar County: Getting a traffic ticket sent to your phone without an officer pulling you over. One police department will be the first in the nation to test it."

Chicago’s speed cameras in 10 months churned out nearly as many tickets as the prior 3 years combined, handing every city household 2.2 tickets. The 8-fold spike came immediately after the city started ticketing at 6 mph over the limit.

Whether it’s our financial records, our phone records or the countless other records held about us by third parties, this data is generally open to police even without a warrant. This so-called “third-party doctrine” has come under more scrutiny in recent years, and there is some hope the courts will catch up with the changes in technology.

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