Dear people of Keene, the production is looking into transportation and lodging. There is enough funds to cover that, but I wanted to ask if any of you have accommodation for 3 and a car you would like to rent. Mate's rates would be appreciated too. The more can be saved on the shooting days, the more money can go straight into post-production

Thank you all, see you in December!

Guess what dear backers! Ballad of the Crypto 6 is happening! We managed to gather enough funds to go to NH and follow @FTL_Ian trial. I would like to thank the
@ftl crew
and Ian of course for their openness to help and special thanks to @XBT3D on twitter
and @mr_penguin for their very generous contributions and help. Finally huge thanks to all the backers.

This wouldn't be possible without your help. I will be posting soon how to get your perks in case you backed with
Thank you all, see you In NH in December.

last day to support independent documentary about the and the unconstitutional We welcome Crypto or you can back us on link in BIO

The holy triad 3 days left for the end of the Secure cool perks and support as champion
@FTL_Ian takes the to court this Dec 6th. We are close to reaching our goal thanks to donations from the community via

By popular demand, we now take as means to back us. go to or dm us get the address

Just like the number of people unjustly accused and harassed by the FBI, there are 6 days left in the Gofundme fundraiser. Become a backer and secure, from a cool T-shirt to hosting the
@ftl show.

Dear libertarian community, if you would like to see the documentary about the Crypto 6 case be made, you still have 10 days to back us on Gofundme or with crypto, head to to find out how

@FTL_Ian @aria @AriaDiMezzo @medge @Nobody @bonnie

The crypto donations have started to pour in!! Eternally grateful to those engaged in supporting the documentary!!! Go to if you haven't to find out which cryptos you can backs us with

it is a shocker to whoever is not paying attention, but the telling twitter, et al. to wrong think should be a huge scandal and one reason to support platforms and content creators. Become a backer at

The crew at @ftl will probably have a great take tonight

@FTL_Ian @aria @medge @bonnie @mr_penguin

we are 24 days away from the fundraiser's end. We still need the support of people who is keen on supporting the freedom to use & free, Please go to and find out how to back the project.

@medge @FTL_Ian @bonnie @aria @ftl @mr_penguin

Macro Free Zone, @XBT3D on Twitter, went nuclear and donate a full Bitcoin to the Film!! He believes that what @FTL_Ian and the @ftl crew are doing is important and deserves to be known far and wide. If you believe the same, I encourage you to become a backer on Indiegogo, or like him, opt for crypto donations. Just drop a DM if you prefer that.

Would you look at that! the first Executive Producer Elite tier was claimed! that puts the project at 1/4 of what it needs to be produced!

Show your support for libertarian movies & the and become a backer!

@FTL_Ian @bonnie @mr_penguin @medge @aria @AriaDiMezzo

There seems to be a misunderstanding, while Ballad of the Crypto 6 documentary is in touch with
@ftl the project and fundraiser are completely independent. If you choose to back us, you are supporting an independent group of filmmakers

@medge @FTL_Ian @bonnie
@aria @mr_penguin

Don't miss out todays @ftl show at
where the host will talk about Ballad of the Crypto 6 and the fundraising campaign.

congratulations to @bonnie & @FTL_Ian for tying the knot. Wish the both of you many years of happiness and bliss

We are but a mere 2 months away from @FTL_Ian taking the FBI to court, challenging their accusations and charges against the Crypto 6, that seem to be aimed at intimidating law abiding, peaceful citizens from engaging in the use of crypto currencies instead of the dollar.

Please show your support, and if you want to experience this story as a documentary from the perspective of the victims, please become a backer at

Every little bit of support counts

@bonnie @medge @aria @mr_penguin

@balladofthecrypto6 @ftl @FTL_Ian @bonnie @medge @aria @AriaDiMezzo @Nobody @MattRoach

The teaser trailer is amazing ! I can't wait for the full length documentary. While the story is unique and the documentary a worthy watch it's just another example and reminder of corruption in DC. For real freedom to be achieved we need to both continue the migration that is the Free State Project and continue our push for New Hampshire independence. #nhexit

Ballad of the Crypto 6 is a documentary aimed at telling the jarring story of abuse the FBI performed on @ftl hosts, and friends. If you'd like this documentary to see the light of day, become a backer on the official Indiegogo campaign and be rewarded many cool perks

@FTL_Ian @bonnie @medge @aria @AriaDiMezzo @Nobody @MattRoach

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