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SHIT! I was wrong!

This site is reporting that every person who refused to wear a mask 24/7 has DIED OF COVID. Shit. I will miss the FTL hosts, the Reopen folks, and a bunch of other good friends. Sad!

This State Rep. is furious that so few of his colleagues are condemning the clearly political arrests ordered by Dictator Sununu. Have your Reps condemned Sununu and called for an investigation?

Sununu's support is plummeting - and he seems hellbent on burning every last bridge he has to the conservative and pro-freedom movement. But why would he do that?

Dennis Pratt answers a readers question about schools in New Hampshire and CoronaFascism:

In a 4-1 vote today, the Executive Council REJECTED federal money which would have gone towards funding !!
Liberty WINS in New Hampshire!!!
Donna is just one of the thousands of mothers in New Hampshire who is growing angrier and losing patience with the tyranny...

Is pushing $300 million of corrupt anti-freedom, anti-privacy contracts that you will be forced to fund?? Is this corruption? Who is receiving this money? Lots of questions!

Should members of the NH House be removed for supporting state independence?

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