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Anyone that wants to do what we have been doing now over a year, can join us. We will show you how! Https:// your Always-on for LRN and FTL. Questions? 702.381.9546 They wanted to Stop the Signal of Liberty. Let's show them on 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 keys why they can't! I don't care what platform you are on. Some keys will bite the dust, but they won't get us all. Flote will respect you! So will @Studio8424 and @STUDIO8424LRN

We are so glad to see Free Talk Live lighting up their Flote Free Speech key.

Now, on Flote, you can watch daily from 7pm to 10pm ET.

As always, since 12/30/2019, If you are in your car, or have a metered data plan, save your data and listen on our now data-friendly @STUDIO8424LRN

We created an IPFS pointing to the voscast 64bit channel that we use as a pointer which we use on our channel.

To use this IPFS limk correctly, use it with VLC network address.

This is how we source our Always-on

@FTL_Ian they waited all the way to the trial date... They could have dropped the charges a long time ago, saving her and her family all the lawyer money and mental anguish of planning for life behind bars, separated from her kids... But they waited till the trial date! And ONLY because she had so much support, did they finally relent? I hope she sues the state for millions. Don't worry, taxpayers are not footing the bill, M3 is through the roof!

Rochelle found not guilty of "criminal trespass". They dropped the "disorderly conduct" charge just before the trial. Congratulations!

Have you ever tried to watch channels on your Smart TV browser? Go ahead, give it a shot.
On my Samsung Smart TV odysee will NOT play.

But we use the odysee feed from FTL so you CAN watch Free Talk Live on your Smart TV via Flote!

Http:// click on @STUDIO8424LRN
then go [ ] full screen.

Our affiliate of LRN and FTL makes it all accessible by a Smart TV remote control. Enjoy.

@FTL_Ian the audio feeds appear to be down ... Not getting anything from or lrn.pls or midlrn.pls

@FTL_Ian actually is not exclusive to Odysee.

@STUDIO8424LRN on is publicly available and freely accessible on any Smart TV browser by simple remote control. It is also generally available on any internet browser.

In fact, whereas, Odysee will not stream natively at least on our Samsung Smart TV, we make it accessible because are accessible on Samsung Smart TVs.

@medge @aria @captainkickass

We are your Always-on for LRN, Free Talk Live, Declare Your Independence and all LRN programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since 2019!

@FTL_Ian however, during FTL, we relay your Odysee channel through Flote on our channel, which does work! click on @STUDIO8424LRN and if FTL is on, you should see the video feed. As you know, we have been running our Affiliate now over 1 year, proudly.

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@FTL_Ian Ian I am glad you are out and I know it's not over.

I am also glad to see you on Odysee, but i have a test for you: On your Smart TV Browser, or someone's Smart TV browser, connected to the net, open its browser and go to

Here is what i see on my Samsung TV browser when going directly to :

Aria and I are back together on-the-air after months of separation and we're celebrating by doing an episode of Freer Talk Live - the internet-only show - live on Odysee now at

@ftl we will of course be carrying it @STUDIO8424LRN on for your Smart TV browser, go [ ] fullscreen! We pull in the Odysee feed. Your Always-on since 2019!

@FTL_Ian @ftl Ian, I don't know if you can read this, but I am glad you are finally out. So many questions. Meanwhile @STUDIO8424LRN is still going strong. Https:// if there is anything I can do for you, let me know 702.381.9546

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