We just got our AMP reminder and re-upped Silver level. Here is hoping @STUDIO8424LRN can do even more this year, continuing our AMP support of Free Talk Live and our internet affiliate of FTL and LRN, 24/7.

We are the first Always-on , now over 1 year and still blazing.

Be welcome in our chat.


Watch on your Smart TV web browser, or listen on your Bluetooth car stereo or wherever you have an internet connection flote.tv select @STUDIO8424LRN

The government should have NOTHING to do with crypto. No one should use ANY Crypto which is KYC

VISA is trying to DESTROY anonymous use case for crypto- which also destroys the USE CASE for crypto

Glad to be able to say hey tonight!

@STUDIO8424LRN brings Free Talk Live and LibertyRadioNetwork to Smart TV browsers and Bluetooth Car Stereos, as well as the internet generally, on Flote.app.

How? Well, if you try to watch the Dlive LRN channel on Samsung Smart TVs, it will not work!

But if you open the browser on the Smart TV, and go to flote.tv you can click on the channel, and go fullscreen!

In your car, your paired cell phone to your bluetooth car stereo brings LRN and FTL to your car stereo as long as you have cell service internet.

There are several LRN personalities already on Flote, especially Ernie Hancock for example.

By promoting @STUDIO8424LRN as a way to listen or watch, it promotes the Liberty Radio Network and Free Talk Live in cities especially where terrestrial radio affiliates are not available.

We have gotten past our first year in operation and are glad to remain a valued resource.

All the best

Mark Watson

As soon as the Satoshi hits $600USD, every single btc transaction will be expected by the IRS 1099-Misc. At that point, or sooner, btc users must decide wether or not to report btc crypto to the IRS.

The answer needs to be NO!

@ftl @FTL_Ian

If a bitcoin is seized or given to a government, how much should it be worth, should it circulate?

A: It should be worth 0. It should not circulate. Any crypto controlled by a government, is a tracer by the government to expose the identity of other crypto users. KYC must make an exchange go out of business.


@STUDIO8424LRN is the First Always-on bringing you all of the on our Internet Affiliate, including Free Talk Live, already in progress!



You can watch on your Smart TV or listen in your Bluetooth Car Stereo, right NOW!

Call the show, and let them know you are watching and listening on @STUDIO8424LRN on Flote.app

@STUDIO8424LRN is continuing as usual with Programming. Right now, Earnest Hancock is on replay after

You can listen and watch Free Talk Live from anywhere in the world, including your Smart TV via FloteTV flote.tv @STUDIO8424LRN
and you can pair your cell phone in your Bluetooth Car Stereo and listen there as well!

To join flote, go to joinflote.com

To attend , www.flotefest.com March 8-11, 2021

According to Tim Pool, the reddit group said the Silver thing was Fake News from CNN on behalf of Hedge Funds trying to scam for money to pay their Naked Short.


@STUDIO8424LRN is the First Always-on on Smart TVs via Flote.TV and Bluetooth Car Stereos. flote.app/post/bf4feee5-762f-4

Reply to our post in Flote, let us know where you are from, and feel free to contact us flote@studio8424.com We are an Internet Affiliate of the Liberty Radio Network carrying all programming on our Smart TV and Bluetooth Radio Station.

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