I'm doing an episode of Nobody Tells the Truth, starting right now.

Check me out at lrn.fm or cam.lrn.fm.

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FBI: One of your radio hosts has been calling on air for people to kill government agents.
@FTL_Ian : @Nobody's been calling for that.
FBI: Oh, okay. Sorry to bother you then.

Oh, now I know.

I wonder why that image is showing up as a link, rather than an image.

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Apple vs Android keeps coming up on the show so I thought everyone would enjoy this guy's videos about privacy, messaging, and de-Googled Android phones. He's really thought through things to an extreme level.

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@ArikJeffcoat I like what @Nobody said about Trump being a Judas goat. Assuming he was, how would things be worse? "Never waste a good crisis."

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Thanks to help from @Nobody, we now have someone making a professional business plan for Prisoners for Liberty.

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