Our newest show, "Free State Live" features NH activists discussing goings-on in the world's most successful liberty migration. See our program guide: shows.lrn.fm

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Welcome to the Bob Murphy Show, our newest weekly podcast featured on LRN.FM, with host @BobMurphyEcon - full details on our program guide at shows.lrn.fm

Welcome to our newest weekly podcast, "O'Donnell for Liberty" with host @ODonnell4NH! As always, you can see our full program guide at shows.lrn.fm

Welcome to our newest podcast in the weekly loop, "Liberty Lockdown" @libertylockpod with Clint Russell! Full program guide is at lrn.fm/shows/

New on LRN.FM - @RonPaul is back every weekday with the Liberty Report! Plus, welcome to @michaelboldin from the Tenth Amendment Center with his "Path to Liberty". See our full program guide at lrn.fm/shows/

Vincent is LIVE with "Shire Free Media" on our video streams. Take your pick at video.lrn.fm and call in at 603-283-6160 or sip:ftl@ftl.onsip.com

LRN.FM welcomes its newest show to the weekly podcast lineup - "RADICAL" with @ShaneTHazel. See our full program guide at shows.lrn.fm

LRN.FM welcomes the newest show to our weekly podcast lineup: "Break the Cycle" with @JoshuaAtLarge - see our full program guide at shows.lrn.fm

With the final live episode of "Questioning Authority" this weekend, LRN.FM has transitioned to primarily a podcast streaming network. Plus we welcome new shows:


"Declare Your Independence" with Ernest Hancock moves back to its traditional 9am start time as of Monday morning! Plus, @AdamKokesh is now in the daily podcast loop - see our program guide at shows.lrn.fm

LRN.FM welcomes back @adamkokesh on Adam VS the Man, plus we've added @johnblivefree's newest podcast, "Unloose the Goose". Get the full program guide at shows.lrn.fm

Welcome to our newest podcast - "The Liberty Block"! See our full program guide at shows.lrn.fm

Have you contributed to the LRN.FM satellite fundraiser at fund.lrn.fm?

Hope you guys like the new FTL Social - it works pretty great.

Sorry for all the posts. I'm working on setting up IFTTT to have this Mastodon as the origination point for these posts. They are then posted to Liberdon, Twitter, and Telegram.

For now, LRN.FM will just have network-related posts. We'd had forwarded hosts' posts but I think it was too repetitive. Please follow our great hosts individually.

Free Talk Live is moving networks from Genesis Communications Network to Talk Media Network starting next week. However that only affects radio stations. LRN.FM continues to be where @ftl originates.

LRN.FM's mid and low bandwidth audio streams are now on the open source Icecast streaming software.

If you like decentralized, federated things like this Mastodon server, join our Matrix chat server at matrix.lrn.fm

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