I just emailed this to the state house committee hearing the amendment in 2022:


Coming before your committee in 2022 will be CACR 32, a historic opportunity to allow the people of New Hampshire to vote on whether or not to stay with the United States.

I do not want to try to convince you of why NH independence is a good idea. If you agree, then great, however if you are unsure or you are against independence for NH, you should still support CACR 32.

Ultimately the decision to stay or go should rest with the people of New Hampshire and that's all that CACR 32 does - it would put it to a vote. So please put whatever opinions you may have about independence aside and support the right of the people to determine their future. Please vote OTP on CACR 32 without any amendment.

I host a nationally syndicated talk radio program from here in New Hampshire with over 185 radio affiliates coast-to-coast. We are watching this historic legislation very closely and hope to report that NH's state reps support the democratic process and pass CACR 32.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this historic matter,
Ian Freeman
Host, "Free Talk Live"

If you're in NH, you can contact them here:

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