Anytime the government declares war on anything you should assume that means a war on you!

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@ftl this link is for Aria. Couldnt figure a way to get it to her by way of fedbook. I bet the lot of you will enjoy it, too. tattuinardoelasaga.files.wordp

You should be
only a little wise,
never too wise.
A wise soul’s heart
is seldom glad if they’re truly wise.
[Hávamál 55 Crawford 2019]

Let’s see: Laws in America are like gods in India; honoring one offends three others.

Might be an odd qyestion, how might a libertarian/ anarchist/ volunteerist/agorist deal with hostage recovery? This writer would love to know.

After 7 years of my coffee plant growing from seed to maturity....and after another 9 months of waiting for the beans to reach maturity...what am I doing with my first home grown coffee beans? I'm planting them to start more coffee plants! I'm picking them when they are very ripe, taking out the beans, washing and drying them. I'll let them sit for a day or two. Then I'm going to put them into potting soil.

Signaling your virtues is like stuffing your jock. Sure, you look good. And when it comes to a point of need you won't have much to go with that promise.

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