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"We do not hold the common view that a man's highest good is to survive and simply continue to exist.

His highest good is to become as virtuous as possible and continue to exist in that state as long as life lasts."
-Plato, Laws 707d

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“The bread I eat in London is a deleterious paste, mixed up with chalk, alum and bone ashes, insipid to the taste and destructive to the constitution. The good people are not ignorant of this adulteration; but they prefer it to wholesome bread, because it is whiter than the meal of corn [wheat]. Thus they sacrifice their taste and their health. . . to a most absurd gratification of a misjudged eye; and the miller or the baker is obliged to poison them and their families, in order to live by his profession.”
-Tobias Smollet, "The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker", 1771

Does anyone know how to find Skull & Bones member lists? I'm looking specifically for the 1989 roster to see if FBI Director Christopher Wray is on the list. Given the elite schools he attended K-12, it'd be weird if he wasn't a Bonesman.

It's more like puzzle pieces. When you have two outies or two innies, they don't lock in place. You need an outie that fits inside an innie.

Remember when Joe Biden said his "patience is wearing thin"?

Joel Gilbert, the most underrated modern documentarian, just came out with a documentary about who Michelle Obama is. It's quite good:

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