The way this post is written, I would be very opposed because it puts politics before men.

Does the men's Right movement puts politics before men?


I think it's "mens' rights". And no, from what I can tell, politics is secondary at best, not primary.

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If you take a lot at the Men Right subreddit, imo, politics looks like the life and soul of their movement, with men secondary

this might just be us have different immutable perspectives and what focus and politics means.

But your concept of men's right, but the left version, ex no misogyny


I don't think a snapshot of one subreddit is enough to judge their core values. Perhaps your right that we just see it from different perspectives. But let me state how I perceive the mens' rights movement:

Mens' rights came about because feminism became so dominant that some men felt left behind. The feminist movement is almost equal parts political and social while mens' rights is primarily social.

I think the success of a leftwing/feminist men's movement depends on how you resolve the paradox (whether apparent or real) of the "feminist man".

resolve the paradox (whether apparent or real) of the “feminist man”.

do you have thoughts on how to do this? Or like what i'd look like?


I think it's near impossible to resolve. My reasoning is that for projects like these, the scarce resource is focus, and focus by definition must be undivided, not divided. Feminism seeks to improve the status of women, a men's group seeks to improve the status of men, and this means focus will be divided, if not conflicted.

However, any obstacle can be overcome with sheer willpower, which is even more scarce than focus.

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