Anti-Terms of Service

We're voluntarists, freedom-loving anarchists, and libertarians. We don't much like rules. We certainly don't like governments, so govern yourself accordingly.

If you encounter someone you don't like, use the block feature.

We have no obligation to provide you service, and if you abuse our service and the users here, you'll be removed. Don't waste your time or ours, thank you.

Please be respectful and have fun.

NOTICE: Google is spamming our emails and Microsoft & Hotmail email accounts are blocking them.

If you use Microsoft services for your email, you won't be able to complete registration for the site. We suggest you migrate to a more reliable provider who doesn't hate freedom.

If you are using Google or any other large mail handler, please check your spam folder for the server's messages before reporting a problem. Go ahead and hit "not spam" for our messages, please.

Other Decentralized Pro-Liberty Sites

  • Chat on Matrix.LRN.FM - the server is self hosted and federated. Any user can create and moderate chat rooms.

  • Forum discussions at the Shire Forum. Though it's focused on the New Hampshire Freedom Migration, there is a Free Talk Live subforum.

  • Another great pro-liberty Mastodon instance is Liberdon.
Free Talk Live - Social

Getting away from centralized megacorporate platforms is important, so we've launched this Mastodon server targeted at voluntarists, freedom-loving anarchists, libertarians, listeners of Free Talk Live and LRN.FM and the members of the Shire Society.

Want freer real-time chat rooms? Join our Matrix server.

Considering migrating to New Hampshire or already here? Please also visit the Shire Forum.