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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. No snitching. Use the block feature instead of reporting posts you don't like.
  2. No spamming.

Please read this fully.

There is not a megacorporate overlord on this server. We'd rather not spend our time dealing with moderation issues, so if someone is bothering you, please use the block feature. If you are bothering people and you become a problem, you will be removed and blocked. Play nice, thank you.

Spammers are not welcome.

Important Features

  • Your Profile and Settings: Take a few minutes to go over your profile, upload a photo, and fill out the fields, then edit your preference to ensure the site is set up to your liking. There are some important settings like "Enable advanced web interface" which switches the site to a multiple-column display. You can also change to a dark theme if you prefer that, among other features. If you're a previous Mastodon user, you can migrate your followers from your other account to this one, if you like.

  • Multiple Mobile and Desktop Apps: Since Mastodon is open source, there are multiple mobile and desktop apps available for multiple operating systems. Unlike Big Tech which only gives you one option - their app, here you have a choice. Which is best? Depends on what you like.

  • Your RSS feed: Your posts are available as a feed with which you can do various things, like add to your blog or website. Or tie them into a system like IFTTT.com (though it's centralized) and then on each new post you make, you can have IFTTT repost it to your other social media accounts that haven't been deplatformed yet, like a Twitter or Facebook. To find your RSS feed, visit: https://social.freetalklive.com/users/YourUsername.rss Except put your username in where "YourUsername" is, and don't include the @ symbol.