Apparently the NXIVM sex cult scandal was a hoax theory conceived by federal prosecutors

California Supreme Courts limits cash bail to demonstrable flight risks and violent suspects. Judges acknowledge in their opinion how cash bail is systemically abused to keep non flight risk and nonviolent people imprisoned.

China anal swabbing citizens is about testing to see how much humiliation the public will tolerate.

@medge is the obituary made public though? If his radio name is kept confidential and his obituary is shared here, there is no way to link him back to his views.

Looks like @FTL_Ian is being rendered on a flight to some CIA blacksite.

Curtis Stone (aka the Urban Farmer) hosts the Liberty on the Land podcast from his farm in western Canada, where he has many great conversations with pro-liberty guests like naturalpath Amandha Vollmer.

I'm thankful for Glenn Greenwald, a true journalist who hasn't sacrificed his integrity for job security, that actual journalism may be found outside of corporate lamestream sources.

One hour after Biden took the oath, the WHO admitted that PCR testing at high amplification rates alters the predictive value of the tests and results in a huge number of false positives. Now, WHO advises laboratories around the world to reduce the cycle count in PCR testing, which may result in 90% fewer positive cases.
Pretty convenient.
Starting to click yet?

@ftl No, yet leftist-managed government-funded K-12 schooling is chomping at the bit to dismantle any curiosity which leftists consider to be individualist and fascist and reassemble child minds in their own image.

@medge Stop thinking of the Moderna mRNA injection as a vaccine by medical definition and see it as gene therapy by medical definition. A nationwide-mass gene therapy program is being rolled out in plain sight under color of vaccination but few people are talking about it that way.

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