I am looking forward to grocery shopping. I plan on making sweet and sour chicken and rice. Yummy! Also getting a cheap steak to enjoy with some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. This should be good.

So apparently there’s been a denial-of-service attack on and it was down for a bit.

I didn’t notice.

(I have my own server.)

That’s the fediverse working as designed.

No server should be so big that its absence endangers the greater system. And if any are, that’s a problem.

If we want a healthy, resilient fediverse, we must keep the size of servers small and the number of servers high.

#fediverse #mastodon #resilience #ddos #thinkSmall

Whinging about MS 

Having to install Windows via VirtualBox because it's literally the only way I can install an app to do a thing.

Reminds me that you'd have to pay me a *lot* of money to get me to use any Microsoft stuff on a daily basis. Such utter, utter shite.

I am really liking hiding the top toolbar on the new tusky but keeping the menu button. It makes the interface feel much cleaner.

@Tusky i found a problem in the 21 betas. When you turn on "hide the title of the top toolbar" from preferences your avatar menu button is moved to the bottom bar. However, it has no screen reader label and just reads as "unlabeled" instead of "open drawer" like it does when its on the top toolbar.

I'm generally against instances blocking and muting people, but I'm 100% in favor of doing it myself.

The difference between me and the typical stan is that if there's content that's offensive or hurts my feelings, I block the account. If one of the stans comes across objectionable or controversial content, they'll demand that the entire community block the instances or account.

My experience on free speech instances is wonderful specifically because of the blocks I've instated. And I forgot how wild and reckless the federated timeline on the free speech portion of the is until I convinced a user to try out in order to test lol

Just found out my capital One credit card I've had for years and always paid on time has been canceled due to them "discovering adverse legal action". Amazing they even told me that much.

Expect downtime tonight after 11pm Eastern for the Matrix and Mastodon servers for upgrades. Thank you for your patience!

I am moving my domain to a new registrar specifically because they take and the old one only takes legacy payments. Another benifit is i had to pay for a domain renewal at checkout so now instead of expiring in June of 2024 my domain will expire in June of 2025. When it comes due i plan on renewing it for like 10 years with crypto.

Update: i chose my new registrar and started the transfer. I copied the records over with copy and paste and lord willing i difnt fuck anything up. What i am confused about are the CNAME records. My old registrar had an "@" in the hostname field and when i try that with the new registrar it just uses my domain name. Also i have a TXT record for "_dmarc" and my new provider is showing that as a sort of subdomain like "" and i am not sure if that is supposed to happen and my old registrar just doesnt show it or not.

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I seriously hope i dont need to reset all my DNS records for having my custom domain on ProtonMail when i change registrars, but i just about bet thats whats going to happen. There are only 2 MX records, but all the crap that has to be done for DKIM and spam filters with CNAME records and TXT records are not fun.


Tonights dinner was dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets covered in bbq sauce and tater tots. Because even adults can have dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner sometimes. Don't judge me.

For those of you who are using Android, what is your Mastodon client of choice right now?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure!

Select all that apply.

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Crypto + 

I just paid my bill in and then added some more credits to Proton by instant exchanging some Monero for . Its kinda sucky that they only take bitcoin since the fees can go insane and the transactions are public. Well, i can just instant exchange and they get the bitcoin they want and i keep the Monero i prefer.

If there comes a day where i can do all my finances in i would only have like 1 app on my phone that isn't open source and only 2 that i need the play store to get. The one app is on github but only gives the source code so cant be on .

If we had all 280 million birdsite users spread across 10,000 instances each server would be home to 28,000 users. While large that is not massive.

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