3/3 Will they? Or will this all disappear down the rabbit hole as if it never existed, like it seems Dr. Bettelheim almost did? It's a "will they won't they" and only time will tell. It's frustrating to live in the in-between.

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2/3"...Media that trumpeted their wisdom and methods will issue...documentary-style reports. People will swarm out of the shadows to claim they didn’t really believe...even those who preached their gospel and strong-armed the public’s obedience will insist they actually did not."

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1/3 Listening to Conan and @FTL_Ian discuss whether or not the criminals and crimes that have been committed against us will be seen as such I began to think about the future we're looking too. Will they admit, or will they obfuscate and redirect? As @annbauerwriter brings up...

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