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Standing room only at the Ballot Law Commission meeting. The majority of the room are supporters of NH Independence.

BLC commission dismisses Karen's complaint 5-0 for lack of jurisdiction.

The current stat-of-the-art satirical tweeter on Twitter. Somehow being missed by the algos to get booted permanently.

"You guys are starting ahead of the starting line" - Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement regarding NH's secession poll results.

@TheTexianDM @FreeStateNH

The first-ever NH scientific poll on secession is here - 52% of republicans are ready to NOW! @AluAxelman has initial results at Liberty Block:

Full numbers coming soon!

@FeeeStateNH covered again by the NY Times. Thank you! The right people will find the migration, as with all negative coverage. Paywall-free link:

NH Dems held Anti-@FreeStateNH protest in Keene, claiming FSPers have 1/3rd of the legislature voting with them, are a "well-oiled, well-funded machine", are an "invasive species", putting "literal bounties on teachers' heads", and more! Video here:

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