He will face great injustice from the American government goons. | Julian Assange can be extradited to US to face espionage charges, court rules — theguardian.com/media/2021/dec

It wasn’t enough to lock everyone down for months, to make everyone wear masks, or to shoot experimental drugs into our veins. No, achieving immunity is not enough either; we need to achieve mucosal immunity. Now they’re talking about shoving experimental medication up our noses. This shit is not going away. Welcome to the medical authoritarian police states of America. | A Nasal Vaccine Could End the COVID Pandemic, Experts Say — Best Life — bestlifeonline.com/nasal-vacci

Government trains people to commit violence, they are deployed where they develop mental issues then come back and commit the violence here. Sad. | Florida neighborhood 'active shooter rampage' leaves 4, including baby, dead; 11-year-old wounded - Fox News — apple.news/ABU78bVX-TXaprtaNyU

This is exactly what needs to happen to all these goons. | Arnold Schwarzenegger loses corporate sponsor of bodybuilding event for 'dangerous, anti-American' comment - Fox News — apple.news/AAvjLDfbhS7SBZfOrnb

Nice to see some ppl have some sense un that state. | California school board bans critical race theory - Fox News — apple.news/Aq8Hnfs4jQISq4kUJWC

There should be no eviction moratorium, let aloan one put in place by a federal agency. | Biden calls on Congress to extend eviction ban with days until expiration — thehill.com/policy/finance/565

More Gov involvement. Cant be good. | OCC, FDIC, Fed Eyeing 'Interagency' Policy Team on Crypto — decrypt.co/71426/occ-fdic-fed-

Another state where the governor goon actually has some sense | Gov. Greg Abbott says he's rescinding statewide mask mandate and capacity limits on businesses — texastribune.org/2021/03/02/gr

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