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Unrelenting went live but then after couple minutes others took over no agenda stream

✨ Ridiculously simple registration

Shipping soon to our iOS app, and to our forthcoming Android app!

#pixelfed #inAppRegistration #pixelfedApp

My team at work just launched new research on the #TwitterMigration: We analyze which platforms are growing - especially #Mastodon, #Tumblr & #Post.

We look at which sites users are adding to their Twitter bios, posting to their friends about & downloading apps for.

Please do boost this, and love to hear any comments or feedback on it!

Download it here:

has the best landing page of all software (not talking instances here).

is second, is third.

(They're all good, I'm just rating them on how cool they look tbh)

Do your siblings follow you on here?

I googled hitler and idk guys he seems like a bad dude

is trending rn? Oh boy.

A whole lot to say about his appearance on with , , and . I did watch the whole thing last night.

I got the new Discord font and as expected it's vaguely uncomfy and I can't quite place my finger on it

Mountain Dew Chicken Piccata is a real recipe at, which is a real subdomain.

God has forsaken us.

For the first time ever, I found a instance with an actual slur in the name. And I've been on here for years.

Musk says spat with Apple over App Store ejection threat for Twitter was 'misunderstanding' - Lovely visit to meet Tim Cook at Apple Park HQ forces big change in tone from world's ric... -


Since #Neuralink is trending, I gotta share this meme from 2020 when Bill Gates conspiracies were running wild 😂

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