The list of people I have muted is so long that I couldn't even zoom out far enough to see the whole thing. Instance mutes are less extensive.

My general rule has been, when joining an instance, primarily use the federated tab and mute users if I see them posting slurs or porn/nudity. If I notice that I keep muting folks from the same instance, and they don't seem to have any/that many "good apples", I mute the instance.

But this is entirely subjective, and just me! Feel free to mute whoever you want.

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Headline: switches back to a standard font

I never understood why they made the one they had before. Who told that rolling out a dyslexic font to the general population is a good idea?

Not everyone has the luxury of being dyslexic.

What type of deal is this?

This has to be the strangest feature I've ever come across.

The writer clearly had some steam pouring out the ears while writing this, got pretty mad the said shouldn't have to suffer death threats. But thankfully that fury was largely siloed to this section in the end.

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