59% voted to keep #abortion legal in conservative #Kansas. That's quite a gap to rig. Americans often vote more progressive on issues than you'd expect. Voting for candidates gets more bogged down in tribal sympathies and the personal attacks that TV and social media do so well.

@wjmaggos Isn't this a blanket "you can't ban all abortion" thing?

The majority of Americans only support abortion up to 15 weeks...


I think that's correct but don't most conservatives want it illegal at conception?

@wjmaggos I think most do but maybe not all

Were they all voters who voted on this?


It was all voters but the state is pretty conservative. My understanding is that the law there is legal till 22 weeks with an exception for health afterwards. This vote was to amend their constitution with the understanding that to restrict abortion further would require that.

@wjmaggos Interesting. I'm not aware of polls about mainstream support at 22 weeks offhand, just that, last I heard, 15 weeks was the cutoff point. Maybe in some places they're okay with 22 weeks.


@wjmaggos Well I think it'd be best for national unity for states to figure out what they want, and syndicate their laws with each other. Then we can see how many states support which regulations and maybe ban abortions according to which sorts of rules have the most state support

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