any idea why I received this notification? I am friends with Casey, but follow no one else in this thread, I'm not mentioned in the thread, and I double checked I don't have my SETTINGS set to receive notifications for Casey.…
@fu Did you do anything in the thread? I often get notifications about anything that happens in a thread where I have liked a comment
@liwott hmmm...maybe I did. I checked again and there was a LIKE From me, but I don't recall seeing this threat before the notification. Maybe @realcaseyrollins 's reply just showed in my feed as one status and I liked the status? I did unlike that and haven't seen another notification.

@fu @liwott that could be it. I think y'all might be using , which I'm barely familiar with.

@liwott @realcaseyrollins #Nerdica is an instance of #Friendica I would say Friendica is to Facebook what Mastodon is to Twitter, except of course they can both talk to eachother.
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