@SplitShockVirus I tend not to buy phones that cost more than laptops, although I like the idea of a Linux phone

@sjb Yeah I've come to realize that flagship phones are a meme. My Moto Power was $250 at launch, it now goes for $50.

Disposable Budget phones > Disposable Flagship phones

Still interested in a Pinephone wish they had them on display so I could test one out.


@SplitShockVirus @sjb if you get one, I recommend Mobian with Phosh, it seems to be the best distro.... It's not without its bugs, but unlike Android, we have a chance to possibly fix bugs as we find them.... rather than live with them.

I've been on Mobian/Phosh on my PinePhone (regular one, not the pro) for at least 2 months now.... no reason to go back to anything else.

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