#DeSantis fights the good fight while #Psaki whips out the usual rhetoric about how #Florida and #Texas are violating federal law. But she does not say which law of course.

Watch "DeSantis And Psaki Trade Barbs As Texas And Florida Block Vaccine Mandates" on YouTube

@pensees hahaha! It's funny that you say that because I recently noticed that he's not wearing a tie at his press conferences. It was a totally random thought and here you are commenting about it. He could wear a Hawaiian shirt to these things and the DeSantis would still not lose any points with me.

@itshans He is the toxic masculine male the left hates. That's why there is an MSM blackout of news coming out of FLA. Trump is a gamma compared to De Santis' Alpha. Every seen Trump w/o a tie. I've heard racists say, "I'm not sure if I could vote for a guy with that last name." Yeah, vote for that Caucasian RINO that would sell his soul to devil in a heartbeat.

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