Off The Air Live 9-21-21

The Federal Bureau of Informants threw an insurrection that nobody came to so the feds ended up arresting one of their own / How about the time the FBI had almost as many informants as there were members in a militia group in Michigan? / Or the top FBI official arrested for crimes against kids? / Or the time they were just straight up robbing money from safe deposit boxes? / The Pfizer Chiefs hold a worship...I mean, rock and roll concert / KFC equals contraband in lockdown New Zealand / Liberty Fenix calls in for an extended conversation about a myriad of subjects / You don't want to miss this one!



Medicult be like- By the power of the Fauci, the Dumb, and the Holy Permit, you have been absolved... of all free thought and individual autonomy! Now let's rock and roll for big Pharma and the State!

Off The Air Live 9-16-21
Nicki Minaj is in jail..Twitter jail that is. Yes, this feels like kid news, but apparently Fauci and the White House are involved / a Ukranian University adds a Tik Tok faculty / Is the Internet a drug? / We dig into it all!




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Off The Air Live 9-14-21
Yes, more you know what news, so we begrudgingly talk about Fauci / Can we go back to ignoring these fools? Is getting mad a trap? / Jim Breuer cancellinig vax only shows and Doug Stanhope responds on Twitter / Also, AOC, let's ignore her too / We had a call but there were issues with the audio, it was fine on the video version. Check it out on Odysee!

Tonight's video replay:

Audio version:

Off The Air Live 9-9-21
Biden is trying to pull some tyrannical shit / The definition of vaccination has changed to defy its own definition / Australia is limiting booze to its people / Howard Stern hates freedom / More, more, more!

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Here is the video replay from tonight's show:

and the audio podcast:

Off The Air Live 9-2-21
The CDC has gone PC! / The ACLU forgot how liberty works / Two FDA regulators follow their conscience and quit / Are false flags comin'? / Is Bill Maher too little too late on bashing the new left? / More!

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