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I spend way more time working on my site than on my poasts:

Or just, you know, read a book.

Querfront is everyone agreeing that Elon Muskshould build another web browser

One side because that'll take him off the table for a while and the other bc they want the Musk browser

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I am a Cryonics Institute member! I am a Cryonics UK member! I have life insurance! All I need to do now is wire up the APIs by filling out some forms!

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downloading K&R, they do *not* say that you shouldn't use bitfields, but they do say that

> Almost everything about fields is implementation-dependent. Whether a field may overlap a word boundary is implementation-defined. Fields need not be named; unnamed fields (a colon and width only) are used for padding. The special width 0 may be used to force alignment at the next word boundary.
Fields are assigned left to right on some machines and right to left on others.
This means that although fields are useful for maintaining internally-defined data structures, the question of which end comes first has to be carefully considered when picking apart externally-defined data; programs that depend onsuch things are not portable. Fields may be declared only as ints; for portability, specify signed or unsigned explicitly. They are not arrays, and they do not have addresses, so the & operator cannot be applied to them.

Which, I think, is as close as an anti-recommendation as you can get without running naked through the street and screaming "DO NOT USE THIS OR THE NONBINARY CHILDREN OF BEELEZEBUB WILL DEVOUR YOUR KNEECAPS AND ELBOWS AND REPLACE THEM WITH LITTLE HAIRY CREATURES THAT MAKE STINKY TEA"

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I want to become the world expert on initially extremely specific questions (e.g. [1]) and then progressively move to broader & broader ones


Hacker news being excited about trigraphs is the cutest thing ever

people have you ever seen bitfield enums? even K&R says they're horrible & you shall not use them

The jews are a good thing to do.


I got markoved

You're a frickin' content system! You should have *content* about how you get your information, who makes it, how it gets aggregated, whether it's readable, etc.

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This is ofc subpoasting the wiki, which attempts to replace Wikipedia?

But, looking at their website, I'have now spent 5 minutes trying to find a text that tells me why, as an editor, I should contribute to their thing and not Wikipedia. This should be a BIG LINK at the top of their landing page. You need to be 10x better than Wikipedia for anyone to consider you, *especially* editors.

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But Wiki is also too big to be controlled by 500 people

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The Wikipedia Admins are in practice not a problem, I think

Except that they are too exclusionist

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In this house we believe

Infinite ethics belongs into the long reflection

"money won't matter after sing" views are wrong. Universe-poverty will be enjoyable, sure, but the real question is who gets the galaxies

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“citta” should probably just be translated as “psyche”

Rare @TetraspaceGrouping lore: they mod ~40 subreddits, most of those related to geological time periods

tension between markets & hacker æsthetic: markets want competition (same thing is done often, separately, with lots of turnover), while hackers want things to be done once and well, with high maintenance (canonical resources)

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