I know we are told to be gentle to those that have been waking up to the truth that we have known for the last two years, but this has been the reaction that I get more than once from the people that I know that have been in lockstep since the beginning of Covid.

It is so hard not to react like this.

So we had a manufactured virus, that lead to manufactured fear, that was then weaponized to manufacture support for lockdowns, which manufactured the conditions needed to manufacture mass psychological trauma, that trauma was then used as the reason why everyone should inject the manufactured vaccine into themselves, they manufactured hatred for anyone who wouldn’t accept this, they used that hatred and fear to support mandates and tracking…and on and on.

It’s a manufactured tyranny.

How many restaurants out there are like

“We serve only free range, ethical, hormone-free, antibiotic-free meat in out restaurant. But if you want to come inside, your human muscle tissue must be injected with an unethical experimental gene therapy.”


Defeat the Mandates
We will meet at the Washington Monument at 10:30 a.m. and march peacefully from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. The program will start around 12:30pm.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Paul Alexander, American Frontline Nurses, Airline Employees for Health Freedom and Feds for Medical Freedom.


Been working on a set of posters from Network. Such a great movie.

No Agenda people are some of the finest, generous, and thoughtful people I know. God bless you crazy cats and God bless @adam and @Johncdvorak for making this community possible.

This is really speaking to me now. I have a vision of freedom for my family and reclaiming their education is just one part of the plan.

Hike at dusk yesterday. The fog, rain, and general moodiness of the forest were at peak levels.

Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail. You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame.


You work for one man so you can turn around and pay another. You are just the middle man.
And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to break free from these shackles.

Stock up on any supplies now, cross border trucking vaccine mandate in place as of 1/15/22 and the domestic mandate takes place next week.

It’s about to get frisky in the US..

Do you still wonder why there are newly installed concrete barriers around the W.H.


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