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Still Negative after god knows how many airplane trips.😂

I just had an important meeting with some of the leadership of I can't say too much, but I can tell you that you should follow their social media for announcements this year. Links are on the front page.

I intend to return to New Hampshire on 1-14, briefly. This includes a Saturday and Sunday appearance on FTL, more possibly, if space allows.

I have taken a position within the leadership of

There are big things happening and soon we will have a place that you can participate in the building of a community that is actually free. You won't have to argue with politicians or beg bureaucrats, you will be free from the start.

For those that are aware and concerned about the wellbeing of a longtime caller, that shall not be named, who has Covid-19 and went into the ICU. I spoke to his wife and he is "Holding Steady". She is knowledgeable and hopeful. She asked for prayers.

You people are blessed, I am here, burdened with glorious purpose.

Free Talk Live - Social

Getting away from centralized megacorporate platforms is important, so we've launched this Mastodon server targeted at voluntarists, freedom-loving anarchists, libertarians, listeners of Free Talk Live and LRN.FM and the members of the Shire Society.

Want freer real-time chat rooms? Join our Matrix server.

Considering migrating to New Hampshire or already here? Please also visit the Shire Forum.