More proof that @medge is wrong when he says more statists will move to NH when it gets more free.

@FTL_Ian How do I see what you are referring to? I would love to be wrong that non-libertarians would want to live in a place where longevity, happiness and prosperity were higher.


@FTL_Ian Thanks for clarifying. This doesn't prove anything other than I am correct. Unless you want to strawman my argument, I will remind you that I said/say the freedom-types in NH will be successful for a while, probably for like 20 years. They will have incremental success, never secede and prosperity, longevity and happiness in the state will increase. Those with low opportunity costs will move in, likely from surrounding states like VT, ME and Mass and vote the way that they always did and complain about the plight of the poor. By that time, few, but the zealots, that haven't been run off, will recall why NH is better than surrounding states. It will all then start anew.

Add to that prediction that the US will continue to get worse. Hopefully nullification increases, but that will not be enough to stop people that want to move to places that will offer far more freedom than NH can under the rule of the Feds. There will be a liberty brain-drain in the US. The Feds will likely react negatively to that. So stay tuned.

Last point, I also mentioned that all bets are off if a constitutional change that requires 2/3rds+ of the Legislature to pass a bill manages to get through. I am helping to draft that bill now.

I don't hate NH, I am just not stupid or mendacious in my support. I support the truth, above some place. Only patriots oppose that.

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@medge this proves the more free NH, the less attractive it is to statists.

@FTL_Ian I think that you are right on that point. You will continue to drive out the statists. Hopefully in greater numbers and hopefully there are 100 for each rare online declaration of retreat.

Let's agree on a definition for the word Statist for the purposes of this conversation. I mean the authoritarian/statist activists and politicians. I don't mean your normal ijit that votes Democrat. You may drive out some of them that are basically just parasites on society, when they realize the blood supply is drying up and the pickings are better in Mass or VT. But the real prizes are the politicians and citizen activists. They well and truly suck.

One day, the Democrat delegation from Cheshire will fail so often that one of them realizes that leaving is a more successful strategy. This will happen more and more until a cascade begins and they go down to NM or someplace where they can have better weather and enjoy Democrat policies.

That doesn't change my prediction that as NH slowly peals the onion, they will fall far behind the better options for actually living in Freedom. I am hoping to announce Project S on the air soon.

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