@medge dlive video is up, no one is in studio? It is 7:25p ET 5/4/2021

@medge i still think FTL needs to explode across platform keys. By the way, Flote would love to have a Free Talk Live always-on channel featuring live and replay content. I would be happy to help. Considering i bring in all LRN, we would effectively "double barrel" FTL.

@STUDIO8424LRN That sounds fine. Aria, Capt and I are just super busy right now ironing things out. If you can help, we would appreciate it.

@medge the account is free and easy to set up so as soon as you set it up, i can help with OBS. You set an rss feed of previous FTL episodes and roll that across your key all day and night except for 7p to 10p ET when you are doing your new show.

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