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It’s a rebroadcast through Flote. I think, like me, he is in Tennessee.

@DrPiper @medge @aria so as you know by now @STUDIO8424LRN is an internet affiliate of both Free Talk Live and the Liberty Radio Network. We are AMP supporters of FTL. We are listed among affiliate choices on the LRN and FTL sections. It may be listed as @Studio8424 but we run the channel as @STUDIO8424LRN which is our first successful Always-on (indeed the very first one!) We invited Ian to Flote @FTL_Ian flote.app/user/FTL_Ian when we started our project and invited him.

@DrPiper @medge @aria 2) We have been demonstrating to others that they too can be Always-on . To me, a flotecaster is a special kind of live streamer, because they use their Flote stream key instead-of or multicast with other stream keys. Flote is a Free Speech platform. And they mean it. It is the ethos that goes into the codebase. See my interview with Ernie Hancock from here: freedomsphoenix.com/Media/3009

I invite all the hosts to joinflote.com

@DrPiper @medge @aria 3) flote.tv is in development and is currently a shortcut to the list of all the active which are currently running their keys. If you make that your Smart TV browser homepage you can choose to watch a channel by clicking on it. I suggest @STUDIO8424LRN . It is not only an unlicensed radio station, but in fact an unlicensed tv station. Just go full screen!
In your car on your bluetooth car stereo, just go here on your paired phone flote.app/user/STUDIO8424LRN/l

@DrPiper @medge @aria 4) We have been doing this now over a year on a best-effort basis subject to technical issues w/our rmac running on a Fiber network. When we left Ohio for Tennessee August '2020 we had an unavoidable service interruption waiting for our broadband install for nearly 2 weeks. We have inspired other Always-on . Anyone can tune to a Flote channel with its direct live link and they do not have to be logged in, anywhere in the world they have internet access.

@DrPiper @medge @aria 5) we would love to see a Free Talk Live Always-on channel that carries previous shows on its key and of course goes live with the show. In which case we would switch to your Flote channel and "double barrel" you on our channel. This would mean any time day or night Free Talk Live is on the air accessible on any internet connected device such as a smart tv or bluetooth car stereo. Of course add Flote logo to your video feed so everyone knows your Free Speech is respected.

@DrPiper @medge @aria I am at your service, in the service of liberty and freedom.

Mark Watson

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