Here's a chart from the CDC of weekly deaths of all causes since 2017. It looks like 2020 was much deadlier than other years.

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@medge Actually, that is why my chart is All Deaths, All Causes. They are trying to attribute Deaths to Covid that have other causes and this distorts numbers. So unless people are dying 2 or three or more times, instead of just once, as normal, then All Deaths, All Causes is a better analysis.

@STUDIO8424LRN this chart is all deaths, all causes, from what I can tell "Weekly number of deaths (from all causes)"

@medge YES!
When you want to show there is NO Pandemic, you look at the sheer volume of ALL deaths year over year. A Pandemic that is supposed to be feared better be seeing screaming ambulance traffic jams and people falling dead on sidewalks. That is NOT happening, so they are lying

@gendolookin Well, the government has been cooking the books for covid. In order to get away from actual deaths because we were TOLD BY POLITICIANS that WE were ALL GOING TO DIE unless we closed down life itself for two weeks, I mean a month, I mean two months, I mean 6 months- I mean go protest, but don't go to church, etc...


But they decided to call every death a Covid Death. They JUST CHANGED the DEFINITION of A CASE today.

Talking 'Cases' instead of 'Deaths' is a great way to pull people out of society before you kill them.

Anyway- because ACTUAL DEATH matters, What are the Total Deaths for ALL CAUSES in the USA in 2020, and what were they in 2019 and 2018 and so on? With this you can see that people were made to be scared, and all this is FAKE.

But who cares what I think- the numbers are the numbers.
You can do the math yourself, just as I did, with the links I provided.

When NBC tells you the Flu is down 98% and they report it uncritically, you know the media is lying about everything.
And what little they tell the truth about you could still bet they were lying all the time, and you would win your bets a lot more than you would lose.

@medge The Excess Death table is changing the designation of a death from its actual true cause to Covid. Do you believe the Flu dropped 98% in 2020? NBC says it did. Obviously, they want you to believe there was no flu and no a whole list of other disease deaths or other conditions. This is how they come up with EXCESS DEATHS. I am working on December now, there is something going on in December numbers- but I will finish my report and explain it. By looking at data for the year up to Nov, you can see that the year was right in line with previous years by % of US Population. So December is interesting. Sort of reminds be of ballot stuffing for Biden but I have not finished my chsrt. If what I think hapened in December is true, then all 2021 Stats will be wrong.

@medge btw the other major factor is baby boomer deaths - they are old now- there is a very slight up trend in the years from 2008 to 2020 based on 2011 First retirements. Baby boomers were 1946 to 1964 so they stop working and die within 19 years on average. That large cohort has been moving through time and affecting the economy at each major stage of life.

@STUDIO8424LRN one of us is not understanding this chart, by the sounds of it. It says "Weekly number of deaths from all causes". So, for there to be too many deaths, they would have to be counting some deaths more than once or just plain lying. I don't see evidence of either, but I am willing to take a look at any charts or numbers that you have.

@medge Take a look at the subtitle: keyword "Provisional" that is how you know you are not looking at concrete data.

@STUDIO8424LRN Yes, they are provisional, but that doesn't mean they are terribly off target. What are you getting at? Do you think that Covid 19 is a lie? I have 2 friends sick with it right now. One of them may be dead, I have heard from him in 2 weeks. He was in perfect health before.

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