My growing list of ways to earn/spend bitcoin


#StackerNews is like Hacker News but it pays you #bitcoin

It seems as though the tides are finally changing, after failing abysmally to make a profit there is currently a massive purge of woke content throughout the entertainment industry.

Interesting thread on getting a bank account and credit card.
How to Open a United State Bank Account and Credit Card as a Foreign Citizen

Back in me day, we didn't have certificates and tokens or any of that newfangled jazz. No, we send our usernames and passwords in plain text, separated by a colon, and that's the way we likesed it!

Got a scammer posing as @FTL_Ian trying to send me a coin scam. He won't send me the link without my "cellphone" number.

If you need to install a Windows 11, Rufus will help you do so with a local account, and also to overcome other unnecessary obstacles.

Despite this, everyone involved in this trafficking ring – including two former presidents, multiple members of Congress, Hollywood actors, etc – will likely never face consequences.

#Bluetooth #signals can be used to #identify and #track #smartphones

 A team of #engineers at the University of California San Diego has demonstrated for the first time that the Bluetooth signals #emitted constantly by our #mobile #phones have a unique #fingerprint that can be used to track individuals’ movements.

This story just gets worse and worse! Instead of allowing this good guy with a gun to stop the bad guy with a gun, cops told him to stay back and shut up.

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