Or you get the "people told me I was a failure cause of my "race|baby|cleft lib| fat thighs| bald head| large fingers" but here is a photo of me at a computer with my above mentioned "issue" and I am working at microsoft making money!!! Even though no one gave a shit about my "issue".
Linkedin then claps!

We always have to have the threat actor boogyman! They always love talking about Iran or Russia. But it is our own govt with it's hand in all this!
Who is going to protect us from them. ๐Ÿค”


Biden: I will only tax the extremely wealthy.

Also Biden: I am hiring 87,000 new IRS agents and I want to track every single paypal, venmo, crypto, and bank account holding more than $600.

Also Also Biden: Except my crack-smoking son and his Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian bank accounts. Not those.

JUST IN - Cryptocurrencies such as could trigger a "financial meltdown unless governments step forward with tough regulations," warns Bank of England deputy Sir Jon Cunliffe (Guardian)
Man they are scared!!

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