I'll always be grateful to the Old Hound Dog for Making Inaugurations Great again in 2016!

This was the MOST humiliating day of Hillary's life, which is saying an AWFUL LOT considering who she's married to, and HE is trying to lock eyes with Trump's daughter??

"Kill you later, fucking traitor!"


The rituals of the state exist to impair moral judgment.

Peaceful transition of violent monopoly?
Nearly a laugh but really a cry...

"But whether my Birthday really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either made me two hundred and thirteen years old, or has been powerless to prevent my death. In either case, I hate Birthdays."

- Lysander Spooner

Yeah, I didn't think that would generate a lot of enthusiasm.

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I call on all Americans to unite in common sense morality and to work together to peacefully dismantle government.

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