We were talking tonight about AI being able to make it appear someone said things they didn't say and this surfaces. It's Trump "talking" about being on Epstein's island:


It is soon going to be impossible to know what is real.

Some have asked us for an alternative to Patreon. Now you can support FTL on Odysee for as low as $5 per month!


We can now monitor the chat room during the show on @Odyseeteam! Check out our video stream there watch.freetalklive.com

@mr_penguin I cringed that it opened with mentioning masks. WHY did libertarians pick that as the most important hill to die on? Lol

- Aria

I meant to post this from my account.

Our youtube channel has been struck and we won't be streaming for three months due to us airing the @Project_Veritas Pfizer videos. You should be watching us on @OdyseeTeam anyway at video.freetalklive.com

Check out the awesome trailer for an upcoming documentary series on @FreeStateNH from NBC Boston. It looks really good!


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