Our broadcast tent is set up at RV site 46! Stop by for a bumper sticker or just to say hello. We also have Shire lanyards with name badges - only available to those who have declared their personal independence from the state via the Shire Declaration, which we have on-hand in case you haven't signed it yet.

We're packing up to broadcast from and for two weeks! Stop by and say hi and grab a bumper sticker at RV 46!

“This is a great time and opportunity for libertarianism right now. The system is doomed. They can’t contain it the way it is.” - @RonPaul on FTL: freetalklive.com/dr-ron-paul-i

Imagine believing any war propaganda from either side, especially as a libertarian who should know better! Those photos of the Ukraine president bravely at the front lines? Old pics from 2021.

We've been taken down from Youtube again for "medical misinformation" on the episode about Mass Formation Psychosis. The best way to watch, as always, is our @Odyseeteam channel at video.freetalklive.com

Tune in to Freer Talk Live for the Reaper Challenge where Aria and Conan will torture themselves with the hottest pepper in the world! Watch it commercial-free at video.freetalklive.com tonight at 10:30pm Eastern!

New Hampshire is the only state to REJECT millions of federal tax dollars to pimp COVID vaccines! It cost nine arrests, but activists made themselves heard. Full story:


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Getting away from centralized megacorporate platforms is important, so we've launched this Mastodon server targeted at voluntarists, freedom-loving anarchists, libertarians, listeners of Free Talk Live and LRN.FM and the members of the Shire Society.

Want freer real-time chat rooms? Join our Matrix server.

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