Canada is a democracy of course it's anti-authoritarian. Why is CSIS worried about Canadians being proud about anti-authoritarian Canadian values and culture?
VoA News | The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, said "extremists" had "evolved with unprecedented multiplicity and fluidity." COVID-19, it said, had worsened existing strains of anti-authoritarianism

How China’s Huawei technology is being used to censor news halfway across the world

"In Cuba, the report found the sole state-controlled internet service provider ETECSA using Huawei technology to block independent news website Cubanet, among others; authorities in Cuba have subjected Cubanet and its journalists to frequent restrictions."

True North: Andrew Lawton points out the ridiculousness of the claim that someone could be triple-Pfizered with a side of Johnson and Johnson and still be “anti-vax” if they support personal choice.

Politician says only “anti-vaxxers” oppose mandatory vaccination

Canada: Trudeau's Liberal government and Bill Blair is looking to punish and disarm law abiding licensed gun owners.


"FIRST READING: Another gun ban (that also probably won’t do anything)

The bad news: A wildly disproportionate number of handguns used in Canadian crimes are smuggled in from the United States, and are thus unaffected by any ban. "

Nikki Haley: "Communist China is more obviously dangerous today than Nazi Germany was in 1936."

In commentary posted Tuesday, Haley posed a rhetorical question: If the United States had known what Nazi Germany would become, would the United States have participated in the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics?

Bill Blair bans hundreds of guns from thoroughly vetted gun licensed law abiding citizens "for their safety" so criminals can't get the guns and use them. Shootings from criminals with these banned guns increase. Meanwhile law abiding gun licensed citizens are punished for crimes they don't commit with tougher gun laws.

Rebel News: Is it possible that a dozen political campaigns across the world all have the same slogan, the same agenda by coincidence?

Bill Blair's and Trudeau's proposed gun control law to ban more guns is like banning knives, even butter knives because they are used in violent crimes by criminals.

Now that's a scary seletion for leadership of Interpol. Anyone remember when China demanded to WHO for them to have full access and control to all the vaccine passports globally? Is something sinister happening before our eyes?

Interpol elects UAE official as president, along with Chinese deputy, despite rights groups' concerns
A 'fox was now placed in charge of watching the sheep', said Peter Dahlin from the human rights NGO Safeguard Defenders

He must have got a fat juicy payment for that decision. We all know it's a lie and so do they.

True North | "Heritage Minister says internet regulation bill has “nothing to do with free speech”

“I support the committee recommendations and oppose any organization directing mandatory use of an active medical procedure, including vaccinations, on the citizens of this province,” said Guthrie.

FUREY: The authoritarian threat of the Chinese Communist Party

"After accusing a former vice premier of sexual assault, censors in China blocked Peng’s story from appearing anywhere in China. Further, Peng’s safety and whereabouts are being questioned"

The Artic ice is melting so fast there was an early freeze this year. Weird 🤔 so much for global warming.

"Several ships trapped in ice after Arctic sea freezes early near Russia
An early and unexpected freeze has trapped at least 18 cargo ships in the Arctic Sea off the coast of Russia."

Terence Corcoran: A human mistake — Why the B.C. floods are not a climate change issue
Instead of preparing for the floods, B.C. and Ottawa spent most of the last few decades revving up the long-range aspects of climate change alarm

SecondStreetOrg president Colin Craig joins to explain why carbon dioxide might not be the bogeyman it’s made out to be.

Watch The Andrew Lawton Show:

So they admit vaccines won't end the pandemic. What does this mean now, more extreme heavy handed lockdowns and restrictions to strip more rights away? This means all "fully vaccinated" people too.
So much for freedom after 2 jabs 🤣🤣🤪

"NOW - WHO's Tedros says is concerned about "false sense of security" that vaccines have ended the pandemic."

A housing rental company in Alberta has really embraced facism. Proud discrimination of the pure bloods and people that are pro freedom, privacy.

'Vaccinated only' rental policy being implemented by major Alberta housing provider
'We're proud of it. Very proud of it. And we'd like to see other landlords implement the same policy,' said chief operating officer Tracey Steman.

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