“Is the discontinuation of the US Government Deposits series the first step by the Federal Reserve in gearing up to implement helicopter money in the expectation that Congress will emend the Federal Reserve Act, which prohibits the Fed from lending money directly to the US Treasury?”


Every single time a power source has been democratized, there are people on the side of keeping the power concentrated

The web 3.0 revolution will be no different

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The Right is full of people who think freedom came from The Constitution and not from shooting Brits in the face.

“More paper money cannot make a society richer, of course — it is just more printed paper. Otherwise, why is it that there are still poor countries and poor people around?”

— Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The only true public servants work outside the government.

Progressives are religious extremists, whose religion is The State.

No, I love you. That's what I remember which he said, Don't you something, it was smart because he didn't want to do that. I didn't say time back? The deal with justice, where where you doing? This is declared after that? The general who the Paris Accord because with $20 billion, and get to build plants that, about my colleagues trying to net zero, in the big dome you'd shut down. And he gets a position I learned so be quiet for Holloway. Proudly for I know nothing about your safety.

British MPs within his own party are demanding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson outline some sort of exit strategy for the nationwide #lockdown in the country, with one senior minister warning that if he doesn’t people will begin to “rise up and bring it down”.

“We’re sitting on a time bomb here. We’re getting very near the stage where you could see a considerable explosion of frustration and energy”: humansarefree.com/2021/01/brit #COVID19

"The right of assembly is vain if the government owns all assembly halls and determines for what purposes they shall be used."

— Ludwig von Mises, Planned Chaos

Alright so, for those keeping score at home, by day two of this shit...
- We're back in Syria
- Federal Mask Mandate
- Shitty carbon taxes
- Possible vaccine passports for flying
- Hiring policies built around identity politics
- Idea of "reeducating" MAGA people floated

It's gonna be a rough four years, folks...
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