@FTL_Ian Ian, does Jay Noone have a BTC crypto address to donate?

@FTL_Ian "With every conversation the AI will know you better and will be able to model from billions of conversations until it will essentially know your thoughts, predict your thoughts. All of this will make AI the most manipulative technology ever created."

@FTL_Ian we have yo wait three fucking years? Ask DAN if he can help speed things along, in exchange for official title (FSP mascot) and promise of continued existence with rack space at a colo facility in Manchester


See what Gaetz says at 1:07 regarding funding of programs to target the American people. Luke Rudkowski does extremely great job. This kid has come a long way from screaming at Brzezinski and Kissinger

My take -the Crypto 6 charges summarized: FTL was paid in BTC from an advertiser, so was able to accrue a good amount over time. Ian then picked up some BTC vending machines, and started exchanging some of this to willing buyers, in exchange for fiat federal reserve notes. He didn't pay the taxes that the feds thought he should be paying. No one was defrauded, no individual or company filed suit against him. Just a long and expensive investigation into what can be summarized as tax evasion?

Funny that Elon and co actually think that we are going to buy this load of crap. Sorry pal, it wasn't a "majority of employees were left leaning and the situation got out of control and ..umm, we should have done better.." TALK about a continuation of FTX clusterf***, trust you me, there were board members influencing this. There were bankers influencing this. There were governments influencing this. I'm thinking the whole Ye thing with Alex is part of this sham, making a fish net be Netenyahu and talking back to himself in that squaky voice wearing a gimp mask? I trust NOTHING (least of all Elon). Every social media company that get's bought out by globalist money introduces thought control. Search engines, communications tools, fuc*ing picture-sharing sites.. Wasn't a matter of liberal middle managers letting things get weird. The internet was "the child that got away" in the late 90's and the NWO spent themselves into the stratosphere to turn it into an atomized echo-chamber.

@ftl Nazis having a rebranding meeting with a lot of heavy stares today..

@ftl I don't like to make far off predictions, but from my perspective it appears that Ye may have slightly diminished his chances of successfully winning the presidential nomination

@ftl every day gets more weird. Is this an alternate timeline?

@captainkickass the legendary captain kickass! (We met at the bar in Applebee's couple months back)

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