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While internet libertarians argue, NH libertarian state reps are finalizing a constitutional amendment to declare independence from the United States. Watch the planning sessions at, better yet, start planning your move to NH and help us win harder. @NH_Exit

Just days after the federal gang raided the SEC launched an attack against @LBRYcom. Coincidence? Here's a petition you can sign to help LBRY.

Bitcoin is anti-war. Great article from @breedlove22 who co-wrote the excellent book, "Thank God for Bitcoin", which I consider a holy book for the Shire Free Church.

Recently @captainkickass and @bonnie both joined the LRN.FM Matrix chat server - you can too. Learn more at

Unlike 20 years ago, thanks to the internet we can now read posts directly from the Taliban, and they are posting some entertaining memes. Here they are parodying the US flag moment wearing US-abandoned equipment. LOL

It's the work of madmen, and we're on the hook
The global populous, apparently mistook
Based on mandates full of fear
It's an inside job
And we don't wanna hafta wear the face diaper
Wear the face diaper

Rochelle found not guilty of "criminal trespass". They dropped the "disorderly conduct" charge just before the trial. Congratulations!

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