S01E02 THOUGHTS: It's interesting to contrast and compare the Anarchapulco/Anarchaforko events to the PorcFest/ForkFest events. Similar schisms occuring as though these fests which unite freedom loving people somehow reach their own "Festival Dunbar Number". I'm really enjoying the honesty of the characters thus far and the self realizations as the episodes unfold. I think it's well beyond time for anyone who shares the philosophies of freedom to act. I appreciate the courage shown and hopefully this series inspires others to finally take some action. Wether it's having your child "Freeborn" or even just something as small as speaking out locally. If folks can see that this particular cast of colorful people can do something about the "statist conditions" the world finds themselves subjected to, then certainly anyone else can too. Find the courage, change the world.

I thought episode one was great. Saw a bunch of familiar people. Exceptionally surprised my favorite radio show Free Talk Live​​ got a generous cameo and that episode one was not a hit piece

A decentralized central bank!?!? Dumbasses. It's either a centralized bank or it's not. Then my personal favorite: "...and for other purposes." Like financing the unending murder spree known as war? Like wrecking the economy and saddling unborn children with debt? Like causing hundreds of millions to die by bureaucracy? Those other purposes?

Shout out to all the motherfuckers - without whom no motherfuckers would be here to become motherfuckers or fuck other mothers. Cheers!

...which can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.

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